Reach Post-Pandemic Travelers In Three Easy Steps

post-pandemic travelers

Reach Post-Pandemic Travelers In Three Easy Steps

Lockdowns, countries shuttering their borders, and flight cancellations had a severe impact on the travel industry and the global economy. However, there is a bright side on the horizon. 

72% of Americans plan on traveling in 2021, setting this year up to be a banner year for tourism. Antsy travelers experiencing “quarantine fatigue” are eager to take trips and vacations once again.

Real people across the country are ready to travel and want to hear from your business. Targeting the right people doesn’t have to be hard. Our top-ranked consumer audience data makes it easy for marketers and brands to reach real travelers.

Are you prepared to identify these people and get your share of this major opportunity?

Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Identify Your Ideal Travelers With Our Custom Audience Solution

Let’s say you’re a vacation company looking to book flights and hotels for four of your company’s summer vacation packages. You have a rough idea of who you should target, but do not know how to identify them.

We will help you identify the exact audience you want to target based on geographic and demographic information, purchase history, and more.

Utilizing BRIDGE CONNECT℠, our consumer audience database that allows you to reach real people with accuracy and precision, we are able to connect your travel company with Maria, a 35-year-old single woman in Texas, looking to book a trip across the Mediterranean for the month of August. 

By combining offline, online and mobile attributes, BRIDGE builds your custom audience based on your unique marketing goals to target ideal customers who are most likely to engage with your offer. 

Step Two: Connect With Real Travelers On The Channels They Engage With The Most

Now that we’ve identified your ideal target audience, we will help you run creative ad campaigns to reach Maria where she frequents the most. 

As Maria is watching her favorite show on her Roku streaming device, she receives a 15-second video ad highlighting your vacation packages. Later on, as she’s scrolling through social media, she sees an interactive ad for the same vacation package and clicks on the link.

Step Three: Increase Transparency, Drive ROI, Accurately Measure Campaign Success

From how many people visited your website, booked a trip on your app, or who visited your travel location, we’ll show results as to how you did and how we did. You’ll know that you’re making the most out of every ad dollar spent.

Eliminate the guesswork in measuring the success of your digital marketing efforts with our unparalleled attribution tools.

It’s Time to Reach Travelers

The world’s appetite for travel is as strong as it’s ever been with many already planning their next vacation. With the distribution of vaccines, many individuals are anticipating going back to traveling sooner rather than later. It’s a critical time for the travel industry to attract the right people as the resurgence of bookings increases. 

Reach travelers today with our #1 consumer audience data! 

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