Subject Line Optimization for the Holidays

subject line optimization

As the holiday season approaches, advertisers need to start thinking about ways to improve their marketing strategy. While companies begin to develop their content for the next few months, they’ll want to keep certain best practices in mind. Even if your email content or promotion isn’t especially festive, you can still get creative when it comes to your email’s subject line.

Bridge Marketing recently worked on an auto campaign, promoting new vehicle specials. In order to tap into the holiday spirit, the advertiser used “Spooktacular Savings” as their subject line. Not only does this highlight the brand’s enthusiasm towards the holiday, but it creates a level of relevancy with the audience. Another example of an engaging subject line could be “Prices so Low, It’s Frightening!” Developing fun and catchy subject lines grabs the attention of consumers, and can be very effective!

The day after Halloween officially marks the start of the holiday shopping season, which means your inbox will start filling up with holiday-themed emails. It seems that year after year, holiday-themed emails are sent earlier and earlier. These emails typically have higher open rates as they are targeting early-bird shoppers. Advertisers should focus not only on offering deals and promotions through their holiday email subject lines, but also on offering your customers solutions like ‘gift guides’, or ‘special holiday hours.

Subject line optimization helps drive engagement and elevate your email campaign. Your customers are more likely to engage with emails that have strong subject lines, influencing your overall open/click rate and driving revenue. Most importantly, develop subject lines that are attractive to the eye, remember to maintain relevance to the subject, and keep it short. By applying these best practices, you are sure to be successful this holiday season!

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