Why Your Company Should Be Repurposing Content


Why Content Marketing?

In an increasingly digital world, it’s essential for businesses to form genuine connections with their potential customers. This is done by generating high-quality, unique content.

Whether it’s through a blog post, an e-book or a video, content marketing raises awareness about both a particular subject matter and your company. By educating consumers, you help them make sense of their purchasing decisions. Rather than pushing a product onto them, you build authentic relationships with the people most interested in your business.

However, once a piece of content is published, that doesn’t mean it should be the last time anybody sees it. Repurposing content is vital to generating website traffic and driving new leads.

Why Should I Repurpose My Content?

With so much effort being put into content creation, what your company produces deserves recognition beyond the first time it’s sent out or published. Repurposing ensures that your content stays up-to-date with industry trends or changes.

Some of the many benefits include:

Improving your SEO ranking

Search engine algorithms take into account the engagement your content sparks. They also rank web pages based on how trustworthy they appear. Repurposing content allows you to enhance this. Up-to-date content is rewarded when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and by simply changing a title, using a new image or updating your meta description, your company’s content will be deemed more relevant.

The more variations of the same content you have and the more places to which it’s published, the stronger your online presence is. This will boost your credibility and ultimately improve your SEO ranking.

Proving your expertise

By having your content circulate through multiple platforms and be presented in various ways, you’re asserting your knowledge to the public. If you’re well-versed in your content’s topic, your audience is likely to trust your company. This is because you’re answering their questions and providing them with insights they didn’t previously have. You’re creating a bond with your audience, making them feel compelled to buy your product or service.

Expanding your audience

Not everyone processes information the same way. Some people are visual learners while others prefer to read. Whether you’re turning your company’s last webinar into an infographic or converting a blog post into a podcast, repurposing content will attract a wide variety of people. This will assist in obtaining new leads. Disseminating your content across multiple platforms will give you the potential to increase your reach.

Saving time

Brainstorming original ideas and conducting extensive research can be mentally fatiguing. That’s before the writing, editing or graphic design process begins. Repurposing content will save your time and energy by providing a means to extend the influence of your published content.

How Can I Repurpose My Content?

When it comes to repurposing content, you may choose to change the content, the format, the audience or all three.

Changing your content’s format has a range of options. You can take the information from your already-existent e-book and produce corresponding instructional videos. You can turn an “older” blog post into an easily understandable, striking infographic. Utilizing different formats will engage an array of consumers because different presentations appeal to different people.

Changing your content’s audience could mean altering your wording or tone of voice or adding and removing information depending on the people you want to attract. For example, if your company has a blog directed at B2B companies and you also want to appeal to B2C companies, it would be helpful to create an additional copy aimed at B2Cs. You could also have a copy written more generally, which would pique the interests of both companies. With multiple perspectives taken into account, your company can capture the attention of many people because your content will resonate with them.

Every social media platform serves a unique purpose and draws in specific audiences, which must be considered when repurposing. An informative one-pager created for LinkedIn can be turned into a compelling image for Instagram. What was once produced for a more professional audience is now available for a wider scope of people.

Make Your Content Stand Out

The current marketing landscape calls for the need to adapt and be innovative. While creating fresh, new content is critical to your business’s online presence, repurposing content is just as important for staying relevant and getting noticed.

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