The 2020 Holiday Season is here! We will help deliver customers to your door or online site.

Leverage our number one ranked consumer audience data, personalized packages, and tips to help your holiday campaigns reach REAL people.

1. Activate your audience, anywhere

By combining offline, online, and mobile attributes, we build a custom audience based on your unique marketing goals to target ideal customers who are most likely to engage with your offer.

2. Optimize your ads for mobile

For the first time in retail history, more people will do their holiday shopping on mobile than on desktop. Mobile purchases accounted for 49% of Cyber Week 2019 revenue.

3. Create a doorbuster campaign

Encourage shoppers to come in-store and shop for the holidays by lowering prices on some of your top items- but only for the first few hours that you’re open. (We can target these individuals in real-time based on their locations and interests!)

4. Promote a gift guide for your customers

Holiday shoppers are 48% more likely to purchase from your email and social media promotions if there’s a compelling gift guide – categorized by gender, price point, age group, etc.

5. Upsell with exclusive discounts

A limited-time offer builds a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Make sure to optimize your campaigns in a timely manner to upsell your products this holiday season.

Power your holiday campaign with the number one ranked
consumer audience data.
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