Actual People vs. Real People in Digital Marketing


Marketer or not, everyone knows by now that data reigns supreme. It fuels our campaigns, shapes our strategies, drives businesses forward, and is relied on by 88% of marketers to enhance customer understanding. But still, a critical distinction is often muddied—the difference between marketing to actual, verified people and the ‘real’ people that other data providers claim to target. While it may seem like a small difference, choosing the wrong one can have major implications on the success of your marketing efforts.

The Misconception of ‘Real’ People

The term ‘real’ people in marketing is overused to the point where its meaning is diluted. Data providers often throw it around when, in truth, they have no direct relationship with the individuals they claim to represent. The data they provide might be based on web cookies, generic locations, or off-the-shelf third-party audiences, lacking the human verification that makes it truly ‘real.’

On the other hand, actual people are verifiable individuals who businesses can build real relationships with through first-party data. These individuals are tied to an opt-in, verified email address that acts as the foundation of a solid customer base.

Many providers boast their understanding of ‘real’ people, touting data sources that allegedly capture genuine human behaviors. However, a closer inspection reveals a different truth. These competitors engage in murky practices, such as:

  • Third-Party Reliance: They rely heavily on data purchased from third-party sources, which degrades the quality and legitimacy of the information.
  • Ambiguous Verification: The so-called ‘real’ people in their databases may not have consented to being a part of them, leading to data inaccuracy and ethical pitfalls.
  • Lack of Personalization: Without a solid base of actual people, their attempts at personalization are shallow, generic, and miss the mark.
  • Insufficient Reporting: Providers who cannot target verified individuals cannot transparently report on real business outcomes like sales, foot traffic, and conversions. Instead, they simply show outdated metrics like opens and clicks.

BRIDGE’s Pledge to Know Actual People

BRIDGE is a leading people-based data provider on a bold mission to redefine data integrity. We don’t just claim to know people; we know actual, verified individuals. By forging opt-in, first-party data connections with individuals and verifying their data through strict processes, we ensure that every piece of information is reflective of actual people.

We empower marketers with the most valuable tool in their arsenal—the trust of a verified customer base. The benefits are priceless:

  • Data Accuracy: Accurate data is the foundation of effective marketing. With BRIDGE, there’s no guesswork—just precise, up-to-date information on actual customers.
  • Personalization at Scale: Leveraging actual people allows for true personalization at scale. Each message and each touchpoint is crafted with the individual in mind, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Business Outcomes Tied to Individuals: BRIDGE doesn’t deal in abstract metrics, just tangible results. By linking business outcomes to individual customers, we demonstrate the direct impact of your marketing efforts with full transparency.
  • No Risk of Ad Fraud: Our profiles on actual people are updated monthly to ensure the utmost accuracy and adherence to industry, federal, and state regulations.

Why Should I Leverage Actual People?

We understand that marketers today are searching for the holy grail—data that converts, insights that resonate, and relationships that endure. With BRIDGE’s focus on actual people, this goal becomes sustainable by providing a view of verified customers customer that merges their behaviors, demographics, and preferences into a singular, coherent profile.

This aids in seamless targeting across channels and helps brands effortlessly engage with customers across various platforms. 

Questions to Consider When Looking for a Data Provider

Choosing the right data provider can be a time-consuming process. Here are key questions to help guide your decision:

  • Can they build custom audiences with opt-in first-party data? Having the ability to tailor audiences based on opt-in first-party data ensures that your marketing efforts are as targeted and effective as possible.
  • Are they verified by third parties? Third-party verification is a testament to the accuracy of the data provided. This ensures that the information you base your decisions on is trustworthy. BRIDGE has been top-ranked in data accuracy and quality by Truth{set} for three years straight.
  • Can they tie business outcomes to an actual person? The ability to link your marketing efforts to actual business results at an individual level is invaluable for measuring success. BRIDGE offers an exclusive Point-of-Sale (POS) Matchback solution that matches your sales to your campaign at no added cost, showing you who from your target audience of actual people made a purchase from your business.

Don’t Settle for Spoiled Data

While other providers’ data may look real, it lacks the substance that organic, unprocessed data can provide. Don’t allow your data to be the fast-food equivalent of marketing fuel. BRIDGE’s premium data on actual people is fresh, verified, and guaranteed to help your marketing efforts grow and thrive.

Don’t settle for less when you can have the best. If you’re ready to make every campaign and customer interaction a genuine connection, reach out to BRIDGE today and experience actual data that makes a difference.

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