Amazon Names BRIDGE A Trusted Resource in Database Technology


At Amazon’s re:Invent conference, BRIDGE was named as a trusted resource in database technology.

  • Our collaboration with AWS Clean Rooms ML, ensures secure and quality data for unparalleled insights, so you’ll know your data’s in safe hands.

As industry leaders in data quality, we take pride in our ability to help companies find their next customer.

With the help of BRIDGE, companies on AWS can:

  1. Collaborate seamlessly in a protected environment
  2. Derive unique insights on your customers
  3. Better understand your customers
  4. Refine advertising campaigns 
  5. Make informed investment decisions
  6. & more

“At BRIDGE, we are excited to use AWS Clean Rooms ML to support our lookalike audience builder – enabling our clients to securely leverage our ACTUAL people datasets to better understand their CRM files and find their next customer,” said Robert Rose, CEO. “AWS Clean Rooms ML supports BRIDGE’s goal to provide privacy-first collaboration tools that improve consumer intelligence and drive marketing outcomes more effectively.”

Contact BRIDGE to learn more.

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