This is how auto dealers can pinpoint their next customer and increase sales

We hosted a free webinar this week.

It was about moving metal. Perhaps this subject interests you.

A key takeaway: car dealers can’t get too wrapped up in any one data point when running campaigns. Yes, location-based data is nice. But what’s really nice is location-based data mixed with knowing what’s already in someone’s garage… and knowing if they’re actively researching new cars online. (There are other things to know, which we dive into in the webinar.)

If you’d like access to this free trove of information, just fill out the form below. Here were some key talking points:

  • The five steps to selling more cars (5:22)
  • The success of a recent $10,000 campaign, in which 100 cars were sold (5:39)
  • Knowing what’s in your customers’ garage already, and why this is especially important for conquest campaigns and life events (6:24)
  • How to know when a customer is in-market and ready to buy, and the importance of knowing when someone’s downloaded a car research app (8:07)
  • You can use location data to know if they’ve been on a car lot. If they haven’t bought a car yet, this means they’re thinking about it and are a red-hot lead (9:44).
  • Knowing where people are engaging with media, and why it doesn’t necessarily make sense to advertise an Audi A8 on Instagram (11:37)
  • How to set the right KPIs and the importance of a data partner that can prove their campaign’s success with numbers (13:00)
  • How you can use a dashboard so you can manage your campaigns yourself (15:45)
  • A lot of agencies overcomplicate digital marketing and it doesn’t need to be that way (17:17)
  • Wrapping it all up: how to move more metal (18:44)
  • Addressing questions from the audience, including the most effective digital channel for marketing, ethically sourcing data, why you won’t find valuable insights in generic third-party data, and GDPR compliance (19:38)

And if you’d like to reach out about starting an auto campaign, you can do so here.

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