Bridge Marketing offers hyper-targeted B2B email marketing solutions.

Our B2B database consists of 40 million tier 1 business records with full firmographics and an additional 20 million tier 2 business records. But what does that mean exactly?

Our database gives companies who work in the business to business space the data to reach their ideal prospects. Bridge’s email verification ensures that advertisers are targeting the correct email addresses to reach other businesses through email.

The addresses in the database are only those that have shown engagement in the past and have been approved by our data hygiene metrics, leading to a higher open and click rate. With the use of our ESP deployment partners, targeted emails will drive engagement across all platforms.

Bridge compiles and updates the B2B database on a monthly basis.

The vast B2B universe contains boundless information. This information can often become granular when targeting on a managerial or staff level.

To narrow this view and counteract the effect, we offer a variety of different verticals to target a more specific audience. A few of those verticals include:

  • SIC code
  • DUNS numbers
  • revenue size
  • employee size
  • job titles
  • Functions
  • Industries and more.

By taking an alternative approach we can verify that your audience is as as specific and tailored as your message. This approach also makes it easy for the advertiser to create multiple distinct messages that are targeted to specific aspects of the company.

A recent case study reported by Bridge highlights the success of utilizing our B2B database. A marketer based out of Michigan and Illinois was looking to set up a B2B email campaign for those looking for commercial funding. The demographic targeted was companies containing under 50 employees without government or religious affiliation, in the geographic provided.

Bridge used these parameters to execute a targeted campaign on behalf of the client that generated leads. Bridge then used various sales points to determine which companies had been contacted through our program. The success of the campaign brought the company more leads to target in the future and potentially turn into clients.  For a more recent case study on our business to business targeted email campaigns click here.

B2B email blasts are not always used for advertising.

More often than not, B2B emails blasts are used  to funnel people through the demand and lead generation stage. B2B marketing differs from B2C marketing in the sense that the ultimate goal of B2B marketing is to create a relationship and acquire a form of success, not necessarily to obtain conversions or an increase in sales.

Since B2B marketing will lead to face-to-face meetings and conversations, companies are now accounting for a percentage of revenue to these marketing efforts.

Incorporating B2B advertising into your next targeted email campaign brings in profits and exposes companies to more potential clients than using strictly B2C email blasts.

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