Best Practices for Email Marketing in 2020


Unimpressed by how your email campaigns are doing? Looking for new ways to deliver customers to your door or online site? We’ve got the perfect solution to help you.

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to engage directly with your target audience and track real-time data with open, click-through, and conversion rates to optimize your campaign.

With 99% of online consumers checking their email at least once a day¹, it’s vital for marketers to stay on top of email marketing trends.

Follow these best practices for email marketing success.

1. Build a target audience

When planning an email campaign, think of the target audience that you are trying to reach. You can craft the perfect message and execute your campaign flawlessly, but if it goes to the wrong person, all of your marketing efforts, and dollars, will go to waste.

2. Create the perfect subject line

Start crafting your message with the first thing the customer will see in their inbox: the subject line. It should be compelling and create a sense of urgency. After all, a subject line determines whether or not a consumer will open your email.

When writing a subject line:

  • Keep it concise
  • Don’t insult the user’s intelligence; avoid spam words
  • Be informative, but save something for the email itself
  • Personalize it with your customer’s name
  • Avoid using all caps, excessive punctuation, and emojis

3. Include a call to action

What is the end result that you want your audience to take after reading your email? Your call to action should always provide value and align with your target audience, marketing goals, and brand.

Example call to actions includes sending a consumer directly to your site, linking a sales representative’s phone number or a form that once filled out, downloads a piece of content. Whatever your end goal is, make sure your call to action is clear, concise, and actionable for the best results.

4. Plan your sending schedule

Frequency is extremely important for email marketing campaigns. There is no golden rule when it comes to the cadence of your emails, however, balance is everything. You don’t want to bombard your audience with emails every other day or once a week. That can lead to spam reports, unsubscribes, and ultimately, no conversions.

Start your campaign off with a twice a month send and then go from there! Every campaign and audience is unique. Be sure to consider this before scheduling out your email campaign.

5. Enhance your campaign

You’ve done all the heavy lifting and launched your campaign. However, your work isn’t over yet. Once your campaign is live, be sure to monitor performance in real-time and make strategic enhancements to optimize your campaign.

Are you ready to start seeing success in your email marketing campaigns? See how we drove over $90,000 in donations for this cancer center through an email marketing campaign.

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