Bridge consumer audience data ranked #1 in independent study


Bridge consumer audience data ranked #1 in independent study

Marketers today are awash in data, but many don’t know how good it actually is. Low-quality data leads to ineffective marketing and wasted spend. According to a recent study, 21 cents of every media dollar spent by marketers last year was wasted due to poor data quality.

At BRIDGE, our mission is to connect with REAL people. We’ve long known our consumer audience data, and our ability to connect marketers with actual human beings is markedly better than our competitors’. Now, this knowledge has been validated: BRIDGE ranked #1 in an independent study measuring consumer audience data quality.

consumer audience dataWe scored best on accuracy in widely used attributes by marketers including household income, presence of children, and Spanish speakers. BRIDGE received the most #1 scores among all data providers in the study by Truth{set}, an independent firm that measures the quality of consumer data to improve the performance of any data-driven activity.

Our data outpaces our competitors’. It is the most accurate and also the most unique.

In a separate study performed by Truth{set}, BRIDGE also had higher accuracy than other providers in linkage, the process of matching emails to mobile advertising IDs. In addition, the study found that over 70 million U.S. links between emails and mobile advertising IDs in the sample were unique to BRIDGE.

Truth{set} CEO Scott McKinley shares why he set out to create a system to measure the quality of consumer data, “Global health and economic events have turned marketers’ worlds upside down. Rapid change is the new normal, and more than ever, marketers need to make decisions anchored in data. Yet, even as marketers bury themselves in data, they are getting an incomplete picture.”

BRIDGE helps marketers reduce waste by offering a simple-yet-powerful way to reach real people. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our consumer audience data, not only because it’s what our business is built on, but because it helps marketers perform better and save money. Their ads will hit the people interested in buying their product or hearing their message every single time.

First Standardized Score for Data Quality

Truth{set} created an independent, standard score to measure the quality of consumer data to help eliminate wasted marketing spend, poor campaign performance, and consumer frustration caused by poorly targeted messages. Truthscores™ are numerical scores between 0.00 and 1.00 that denote the accuracy of the attributes associated with each record. They arm the marketer with knowledge of how accurate consumer data is to help them make better decisions about how they source, price, and use consumer data.

Utilizing a “wisdom of the crowd” approach with diverse data assets, proprietary Truthscores™ are assigned to consumer record-level data, whether it be first, second, or third-party, to showcase where quality is high and where it may need to be improved. Marketers can use the scores to avoid wasting money on unqualified consumers.

Begin a marketing campaign that’s powered by the #1 ranked consumer audience data, and reach real people right now.

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