BRIDGE Sets New Standard in Consumer Audience Data Quality

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In a world driven by data, three things are paramount– accuracy, precision and reliability. Companies across all verticals rely on consumer audience data to effectively reach their target audiences with tailored messaging. Among thousands of data providers throughout the industry vying for prominence, one name stands out – BRIDGE. This year, BRIDGE has been top-ranked in a study by independent firm, Truth{set}, which assesses consumer audience data quality. 

Pioneering Precision 

At the heart of BRIDGE’s success is a commitment to connecting marketers with real, verified people. With a mission that centers around precision and authenticity, we have continuously improved on our expertise in consumer audience data. The cornerstone of our data offering, BRIDGE CONNECT℠, excels in creating accurate, timely and complete profiles of each individual in our 250 million person audience. 

What sets us apart is our approach to crafting consumer profiles. BRIDGE leverages each individual’s email address to create comprehensive profiles encompassing digital, mobile, and offline behavior. This methodology exceeds industry standards and solidifies us as a leader in data integrity.

We take pride not only in our data but also in the transformative impact it has on marketers. By ensuring that ads reach the most relevant and interested audiences, BRIDGE helps marketers make the most of their ad spend by driving performance and connecting them to real people.

Leading the Way in Rankings

BRIDGE’s reputation in the realm of consumer audience data has been validated each quarter since 2021 through evaluations by Truth{set}. This past quarter, our achievements reached new heights with our top-ranked performance in key categories. As a member of the jumbo cohort, we were evaluated against the world’s leading data providers with over 200M records in their databases. Out of all of them, only our accuracy improved for age. Even with the addition of over 23 million data records for evaluation, bringing us to a total of 273 million records, our accuracy level still increased—while other competitors’ accuracy dropped.

Out of the world’s leading providers, we are number one in the following: 

  • Ages 18-49 
  • Ages 18-49 + Presence of Children
  • Military Status—a position we’ve consistently held since Q2 of 2021.

We’ve also secured top rankings in categories like Ages 18-49 + Gender, Home Renter, Car Owner, and Car Manufacturer. The trends emerging from this success story reveal significant improvements in accuracy across all age ranges and gender segments and further solidify our reputation as a trustworthy data provider.

Your Future With BRIDGE

With a proven track record of accuracy, a unique approach to data profiling, and a commitment to continuous improvement, we are poised to revolutionize the way marketers connect with their audiences. Plus, with a top-ranked performance and a relentless pursuit of data quality, BRIDGE is undoubtedly the partner of choice for marketers seeking to make a lasting impact in an increasingly data-driven world.

Interested in leveraging our consumer audience data? Contact our experts today.

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