What are Buyer Personas?

A buyer persona is a modeled, research-based representation of your business’s ideal customer. You can better understand your ideal customers based on demographics, interests, media preferences, purchase behaviors, goals or motivations, and more. Buyer personas are typically based on real data derived from your existing customers.

Let’s imagine Sam. Sam lives in the tri-state area and works at his local gym. He often shops at sports stores and has multiple fitness apps downloaded on his mobile phone. He spends most of his time online engaging on Twitter and Facebook. He’s actively trying to reach his fitness goals while trying to become a personal trainer at his gym.

By knowing this information about Sam, we have a pretty good idea of who Sam is, what kind of content he would be interested in, and where he can be reached. Then, we can effectively reach Sam and others like him for maximum engagement.

Understanding your customers in a personal way is essential to your business in more ways than one. Knowing what content and products to create and how to follow up with your consumers can help you achieve goals that will increase revenue and drive traffic to your website.

In fact, behaviorally targeted ads are two times more effective than non-targeted ads. Also, utilizing buyer personas has made websites 2-5 times more effective and easier to use by targeted users.

3 Benefits of Using Buyer Personas

1. Attract Your Ideal Visitors

You can generate more traffic to your website by creating the right content for your business. However, in order to have the right content, you must first know who your buyer personas are and what content they would be searching for.

For example, we know Sam would like content related to fitness. He’s an ideal consumer to target if your website or products are fitness-related. We also know that he spends most of his time engaging on Facebook and Twitter with his mobile device. Sam’s social media platforms are where he could be reached with the highest possibility of engagement.

Ultimately, by attracting specific personas, you have a better chance of generating new visitors, converting them into leads and potentially into customers.

2. Improve Your Marketing and Sales Strategies to Create Stronger Relationships

Being aware of who your customers are can improve your marketing and sales strategies and overall, create better relationships with your consumers. You can provide relevant content to your audience and market in a way that is smart and strategic to them.

With a strategic sales strategy that’s tailored to the needs of your ideal customers, you will be able to build trust in your brand and create long-lasting relationships with your consumers.

If Sam, for example, sees your brand consistently on the platforms that he’s engaging with and is being offered things like discounts or subscription opportunities, then he is being targeted in a personalized and efficient way. He also will grow to trust your brand and possibly identify with it, because it is relevant to him and easily accessible.

3. Build Marketing Strategies That Increase Your ROI

By understanding your buyer personas, you will ultimately be able to create a target audience that’s worth targeting because they are most likely to engage with and generate revenue for your business.

While Sam is likely to engage in fitness-related advertisements and content, Jennifer, a music lover, is likely to be more engaged with content that offers music creation apps or musical instrument products. Spending the marketing dollars to deliver fitness ads to Jennifer may not be worth the money it costs to market to Sam, who is probably more likely to engage and convert into a customer.

Therefore, understanding your buyer personas ensures you’re not wasting marketing spend on audiences who don’t fit your ideal customer profile and marketing strategy – increasing your ROI and lowering customer acquisition costs.

Buyer Persona Best Practices:

  • Think about who would most likely respond to your offer.
  • Think about a day in the life of your buyer personas, not just their demographics, to better understand their motives, objections, and goals.
  • Better understand how to segment your audience.
  • Use buyer personas to dictate your content strategies.
  • Write an overview about them in story format with an image and memorable name so others can remember to keep them in mind when creating content.

Lastly, not all buyers are the same and all buyers are always changing their behaviors, interests, and preferences. Keeping up with your personas is important in order to engage with your audience in ways that would never be possible without an accurate idea of who your customers are or could be. In fact, 71% of companies that exceed revenue and lead goals have utilized buyer personas.

At Bridge, we stress the importance of knowing and understanding your audience in order to increase returns on ads and other content. In doing so, it’s essential to attract your ideal visitors, improve relationships with consumers, and utilize marketing strategies that increase your ROI.

Let’s connect and discover how you can best maximize your marketing success.

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