Why Social Carousel Ads?

Every company wants to reach its audience in a way that makes it stand out from its competitors. This happens by enhancing your consumer engagement, which is an ideal way to utilize people-based marketing to capture your website leads and turn them into loyal customers. Social carousel ads grant you the opportunity to do this.

Facebook and Instagram are the two leading social media platforms and also happen to be the front-runners in mobile carousel advertising. These ads allow you to display up to 10 photos or videos—also called tile cards—within a single step advertisement to tell a story, highlight your products or explain a step-by-step process.

According to data shared by Facebook, advertisers have observed that carousel ads “drive 30 to 50 percent lower cost-per-conversion and 20 to 30 percent lower cost-per-click than single-image ads.” If you’re looking to increase conversions and get better returns out of your business’s social media activity, carousel ads are an easy win.

The Power of Storytelling

Emotions play a significant role in an individual’s assessment of a brand. The human brain is wired to take in and retain stories as opposed to facts and logic. Carousel ads take advantage of this vital marketing tool.

While facts and statistics are important to include in your content to verify your claims, storytelling is what drives an individual to your business because it’s more stimulating and memorable. Real human connection can compel someone to buy your product, use your service or view your content.

Ways to Use Social Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are especially unique because they’re multi-purpose. They can be used to show off your products, feature your content, offer your deals, tell your brand’s story or communicate your customers’ experiences.

Telling Your Brand’s Story

Stories help your target audience remember your business. With carousel ads, you can show consumers what you do, how you go about doing it and most importantly, why you do it. Using these ads can maximize brand building by forming crucial connections between your company and the people you want to reach.

Creating Product Showcases

This frequently used method can allow a business to present multiple related products. For example, a furniture company may want to advertise its newest line of living room furniture. By using a carousel ad, the company can use multiple tile cards to showcase various furniture pieces.

You can use carousel ads to display a product and its distinct features or show how the product works in a swipeable step-by-step guide-like format. This can help potential buyers make sense of the purchasing decision they’re considering.

Featuring Content

Like product showcases, if you’re looking to sell a service, using carousel ads can aid in promoting your company and its content whether that be blog posts, articles or case studies.

By analyzing your metrics, you’ll be able to pinpoint your most popular content, allowing you to hone in on what’s effective and what should be implemented for future success. This will help you create leads and seamlessly move them through the buyer’s journey.

Promoting Multiple Offers

Everyone loves a good deal. Carousel ads enable your business to offer your promotions, discounts and deals in a quick and easy way, decreasing the amount of time it would take to search for a coupon on your company’s website.

Communicating Your Customer’s Experiences

Another way of promoting your products or services is to post testimonials. These could come from customers who have had a positive experience with your company delivering their needs.

Much of a business’s success is dependent on word of mouth and candid, honest voices are effective at capturing people’s attention and directing them toward the action you desire from them.

Tips to Boost Your Carousel Ads’ Success

When creating your carousel ads, there are some important things to consider, such as:

Keeping your buyer persona in mind.

Buyer personas help you create effective, people-based marketing campaigns and carousel ads should be no different. When designing yours, think about a potential customer’s needs and goals prior to selecting your tile cards and their sequence.

Using your most eye-catching tile card first.

Your first tile card should grab a social media user’s attention. By pulling them in with striking visuals, they’ll be more inclined to swipe on to see what you’re advertising.

Ensuring that your headline is compelling.

This will lead users to click and ideally fulfill your call to action, or CTA.

Reflecting on the post-click experience.

It’s absolutely vital to ensure that when a user clicks on your ad, they’re directed to a landing page that supports the ad’s message. Users should feel compelled to click on your CTA. To be a successful brand, it’s important to have consistency and cohesiveness.

As the digital marketing world continues to evolve, the need to capture your audience’s attention in creative ways becomes increasingly more important. Here at Bridge, we can help you determine where social carousel ads best fit into your campaigns and how to optimize them for your company’s success.

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