BRIDGE & Truthset: Championing Transparency in the Data Ecosystem


At Bridge, data quality is our differentiator, and our clients can attest to the high bar we continue to set. With this in mind, we are proud to partner with Truthset to support the ANA AIMM with its mission to validate the accuracy of multicultural data to power more accurate consumer interactions.

Spanish speakers represent 16% of the US population¹, but they are not well represented in data files. Based on an independent study by Truth{set}, BRIDGE has the largest quantity of Spanish-speaking consumer audience data than any other provider. With our extensive database of mobile and online consumer information, we identify and target real, verified Spanish-speaking individuals across the United States.

We take tremendous pride in our consumer audience data, not only because this is what our company is built on but because it helps marketers perform better and save money.

Further, we are honored to be a part of Truthset’s Data Partner Badges program that enables buyers to quickly identify providers that are committed to data quality and transparency.

Starting in Q1 of 2020, we participate in having our data scored every quarter for accuracy in a number of key attributes, including age, gender, age and gender, household income, presence of children, marital status, homeownership, and others.

“Every ad dollar counts, especially the dollars spent on data—that’s more true in 2021 than ever before,” said Ilana Hendlish, CRO at BRIDGE. “The good news is that there is no longer any reason to be in the dark about whether you’re getting what you paid for. Look for audiences wherever you buy data by finding the Truthset badge. Full transparency means more working media, more efficiency, and more dollars flowing into the advertising ecosystem. Marketers see better ROI, data providers see more business, and, perhaps most important of all, consumers see more relevant ads – finally, everybody wins.”

If you’re ready to talk to a company that understands people and identity resolution — and you’re ready for real, transparent results — talk to BRIDGE today.

¹US Census

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