Connected TV Advertising: A Marketer’s Guide to Reaching a Fragmented Audience

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, traditional TV advertising is no longer the go-to method to reach a mass audience. Connected TV (CTV) is transforming the way viewers consume television content and subsequently how advertisers are approaching their advertising strategy. CTV provides marketers with the opportunity to reach a fragmented audience in a highly targeted, measurable, and immersive way. In this blog post, we will examine the ins and outs of CTV advertising and how it is a viable option for marketers to increase their brand awareness and achieve business goals.

Connected TV Explained

Connected TV (CTV) is an umbrella term that represents any television with an internet connection. CTV devices include Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Smart TVs, PlayStation, and Xbox. Essentially, CTV provides viewers with the ability to stream content on their terms and at a time that suits them. This can result in a more engaged and attentive audience for marketers, allowing them to serve targeted advertisements that are relevant to the viewer.

Audience Targeting

One of the primary benefits of CTV advertising is the ability to leverage audience targeting capabilities. This allows marketers to serve relevant ads to viewers based on their preferences, demographics, and online behavior. CTV can be even more effective than traditional TV advertising as it can target previously unreachable segments, such as cord-cutters or cord-nevers. Marketers can also leverage CTV’s trackable capabilities to create smarter, data-driven targeting strategies that lead to higher conversion rates.

Ad Formats

The CTV landscape offers a range of ad formats to suit any business objective. Pre-roll and mid-roll ads are similar to those found on traditional TV platforms and offer reach and brand awareness objectives. Display ads or banners can be overlaid on the screens when TV shows are paused or before a new program starts, encouraging brand recall. Native ads are visually compelling and can be seamlessly integrated into the program through compelling product placement or branded content.


CTV’s measurement capabilities are a significant drawcard for marketers. This includes insights into viewability, completion rate, and engagement. CTV advertising gives marketers greater transparency into the impact of their advertising efforts, allowing them to measure the return on investment and adjust their campaigns in real time.


Connected TV advertising has revolutionized the way marketers can engage with audiences and created a new level of targeting opportunities. With more people opting for non-traditional TV viewing platforms, marketers need to consider CTV as a critical part of their advertising strategy. The immersive experience, granular audience targeting, and extensive measurement capabilities make it an attractive proposition for brands across all industries. The time has come for marketers to embrace this highly engaging platform and maximize the potential reach of their advertising campaigns.


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