Cross-Channel Personalization: 5 Best Practices


Make It Personal

While being present is one of the most important parts of any marketing strategy, remaining present is the main objective. In a world where every consumer seems to have three or more devices, cross-channel personalization is an effective way to remain relevant to your potential consumers.

The first step in building a cross-channel marketing strategy is to maximize the number of channels you can use to deliver media to your target audience. It’s not always ideal to deliver media to your audience on every device, but it’s imperative to have the ability to do so.

Tailoring your messages to target audiences and optimizing them across all devices allows you to create an effective cross-channel marketing strategy. Once you have the ability to connect with an audience on any channel, you can begin the process of personalization.

Cross-channel personalization is the idea of being cohesive yet personal across all channels when connecting with a consumer. It allows you to form a deeper and longer connection with your target audience.

As you may have surmised by this point, maximizing personalization across channels is not an easy task, so we’ve provided you with five ways to master your cross-channel campaign.

1. Consumer-Based Content

This may seem obvious, but it’s a good place to start: Be relevant to your consumer. Create a message that they want to see.

Consumer-based content goes beyond a targeted message, however. The idea is to give the consumer their message, not your message.

First things first: Do some research and create buyer personas. A buyer persona is a great way to know exactly who you want to target.

By effectively implementing buyer personas, you can create a personalized message that will resonate with your consumers.

With a buyer persona, you will also know where your message should be. Base your media distribution around your target audience’s existing behaviors. It’s imperative to know which platforms your consumers spend most of their time when personalizing a message for them.

If your target audience spends most of their time engaging with social media, then your message should appear the most on social media. Put your message on the channels that your audience engages with, and avoid the channels they’re absent from.

2. Channel Cohesion

Now that you have a personalized message, you need to make sure that there is a working relationship between all of your channels. It’s much easier to truly connect your brand to a consumer when your own message tells a consistent story across channels.

Each channel should tell a different part of the same story. The story you want to tell is that of your brand. Personalization is what makes your story attractive to an audience.

You can also add links to your social media platforms, eBooks, blogs, and any other content you want to promote across different channels. Integration across channels is a great way to keep your consumer moving toward your brand.

With a working relationship between channels, it does not matter where your target audience sees your message, the personalization is always present. Cohesion across channels adds depth to your campaign, and begins the brand immersion process.

3. Brand Immersion

Once there is cohesion between channels, you must practice immersing your target audience in your brand. Immerse them in personalization.

This is where the remaining present part of the journey begins.

You know the old sales phrase, “Always be closing (ABC)?” Well, in this case, we want that C to stand for connection. Always be connecting. Immerse your customers in personalization to solidify your connection with them.

Consistently create targeted content. Once you initially connect with your target audience, it’s essential to put in a great effort to continuously connect with them. Stay in their brain. Be a part of their life. You can do all of that with personalized content.

Being a part of a consumer’s memory makes it easier moving forward. Let’s say you’ve already engaged your target audience. Now, an e-mail, a blog post, or any other form of connection becomes more credible to them. Credibility fuels true communication with your audience.

Brand immersion is one thing, but personalized brand immersion makes your connection more conversational, thus more powerful.

4. Analysis

As with anything you do in marketing, proper analysis is key.

Attribution tools increase transparency and ensure that you’re spending your time and money in the right places. By pinpointing your target audience’s data points across devices, you can save the money that would normally be spent across all devices. Attribution leads to efficiency in connection points.

Cross-channel attribution can maximize your personalized campaign by measuring real results. For example, cross-device pixel tracking makes it simple to track a single person and his or her various data points across multiple devices to help understand what’s most successful in reaching your audience.

5. Retargeting

It typically takes multiple interactions before your leads convert into customers. This is where you need to retarget or re-personalize your message.

Retargeting is later in the process, but is still a terrific way to remain present. That’s the idea. Even if your message does not immediately resonate, retargeting allows you to jump back into your target audience’s line of sight.

By using past and new insights, you can re-personalize your message based on what previously did and didn’t work. Take advantage of the information you have to re-engage your audience. The only thing more in-depth than personalization is re-personalization.

Overall, personalizing a message across channels is a continuous process, but with preparation, a tailored message, the right timing, and the right follow-up, you can rest assured that your target audience will be satisfied and loyal.

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