What is Data Onboarding?

Data onboarding is the integration of offline and online data to create more powerful and accurate customer profiles.

Offline data includes any information gathered from in-store purchases, home addresses, phone numbers and customer service calls. Online data includes social media engagement, search behaviors, information gathered from filling out online forms and email opens.

By matching what a consumer is doing offline with his or her engagement online, you are able to gain much deeper insight into the individual, thus able to market to the consumer on a much more personal and comprehensive level.

Why is Data Onboarding Important?

Marketing in the digital space is undoubtedly necessary for this day and age. As the digital space becomes more advanced and more populated, the likelihood that a large percentage of your target market lives in the digital space increases.

However, this does not mean that offline marketing is a thing of the past. While the online world is expanding, ignoring the importance of offline data will set your marketing efforts back. Combining the two increases your chances of reaching your consumers everywhere they are.

Data Onboarding in Action

Let’s say that you are interested in purchasing a new mattress. You plan on making your purchase in-store, but you want to do some research online the night before your shopping trip so that you’re better prepared to make the best decision possible.

Because this buyer used both online and offline resources to make a purchase, looking only at one of the data points would not give you a complete picture of that buyer’s journey.

Data onboarding bridges the gap between offline and online marketing information, helping you discover the most effective way to create marketing campaigns that are unique to your customers.

How Bridge Utilizes Data Onboarding

Bridge understands the importance of data onboarding to enhance our client’s marketing campaigns. We use Onboarding Plus to bridge your customer’s online and offline data to create more accurate customer profiles and enhance the data to its fullest potential.

By using our multi-layered matching technology, we create complete profiles of your target market to make sure you are targeting real people in the right place.

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