What the Decimation of Third-Party Cookies Means for Marketers

decimation of cookies

A conversation with Ilana Hendlish, Chief Revenue Officer

This blog discusses a very important, industry-shattering topic: the death of the cookie.

As many of us have seen in the news, Google announced that it will remove third-party cookies in their entirety and is creating a new way to build identity. This announcement caused a lot of rumblings and panic amongst marketers.

How can marketers connect with customers if cookies go away? Are brands and agencies going to have to reinvent the identity wheel?

I sat down with Ilana Hendlish, the Chief Revenue Officer at Bridge to get the answers. Are you ready to find out? Let’s dive into our conversation below (listen to the podcast version here)...


Hey Ilana, I am really excited to talk about the decimation of cookies today and what it means for marketers and brands alike. We’ve seen across clients and peers that people are in a state of panic. Can you talk us through our approach of collecting data and building our customer profile. How do we intend to keep our first-party data updated if cookies are going away?


Many of our customers and partners have been coming to us with the same concerns since the Google announcement. The good news is that at Bridge WE DO NOT AND NEVER HAVE RELIED ON COOKIES. We’ve always been a cookie-less company. The cornerstone of our consumer opted-in data is an email address attached to a real person. Similarly, we receive mobile advertising ids which is also attached to an email address and tied to a real person. Our partners work with us in ways other than with cookies through our authenticated first party data assets.


What does this mean for our clients? How are we at BRIDGE navigating these changes made by Google?


There will be NO restrictions on how we collect data since our approach is cookie-less. We are NOT dependent on Google or any of the changes they are making. Therefore, our campaigns are not impacted and our clients will continue to make the most of every ad dollar spent.


A lot of clients still have questions and confusion around the decimation of cookies. What are the benefits of BRIDGE never using cookies?


We always knew that the cookie would have an expiration date so that is why we built our company around collecting first-party data based on an email address foundation. It helps us build a 360 view of a person without relying on cookies. We are always monitoring shifts in the industry and looking for ways to stay ahead of changes. These range from exploring robust partnerships as well as other data acquisition strategies that are aligned with today’s mobile user.

There are multiple benefits of utilizing first-party data. Marketers can take comfort in the fact that they are talking to a real person. With first-party data, you know that your messages are being delivered on correct or appropriate channels where their audiences are most likely to engage. Finally, marketers can remain confident that they are making the most of every ad dollar spent.


What is the main point our listeners should take away from this conversation?


Although the demise of the cookie is happening, since our campaigns are not cookie-based, BRIDGE is well-positioned to navigate these changes.

Are you ready to implement first-party data in your campaigns and become cookie-proof? Let us know here.

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