How to use digital marketing to reach under-served voters and win local elections


If you want to win a local election, the path to victory lies in maximizing your digital marketing efforts to reach under-served voters. You need to make sure none of your budget is wasted, and that you only reach real voters in your electorate (and not, say, bots, or those who won’t vote).

BRIDGE now offers a solution to help you maximize your digital marketing strategy for local elections, reach these voters with certainty, show transparent results, and not waste any dollars.

Reaching these under-served voters is the key to winning local elections, according to political data expert Paul Westcott. Westcott is a Senior Vice President at L2 Political, and during a conversation with BRIDGE, he highlighted how data can mean the difference between winning and losing. He also touched on key trends in digital marketing for local elections, traditional marketing, and in-person outreach.

Here’s how targeting under-served voters swung a tight local election for one Southeastern incumbent.

We also spoke to Paul about trends he sees affecting the 2020 slate of local elections. Among them: the ability for campaigns to run their ads across a variety of touchpoints through digital marketing and traditional means.

Reaching voters across multiple touchpoints is the key to victory in 2020.

BRIDGE is an expert at identity resolution and can reach real people across all the devices they use. None of your digital marketing dollars are wasted when you use our people-based platform.

Get started now to reach REAL voters in your electorate.

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