3 Things the DMA Taught Us

Joining today’s most influential leaders of the marketing community, Bridge attended the DMA’s &THEN 2016 conference for a weekend filled with networking events, community breakfasts, workshops, live white papers, and more.

We were able to gain valuable insights and helpful feedback to the ways in which we, and other digital marketing agencies, perform.

Here are the most helpful pieces of knowledge we gained to inspire and solidify our marketing efforts:

Connecting with people like never before

Mobile marketing is the key to expanding and enhancing your overall marketing initiatives. As technology continues to expand, marketers need to rethink the ways in which their consumers seek out information.

Mobile has become a primary device in people’s lives, making it their main point of contact. Utilizing mobile marketing strategies within a campaign allows us to connect with consumers in a way that we have never been able to before.

The DMA’s &THEN conference continually solidified the point: mobile marketing will enhance all cross-device marketing goals. By keeping up to date with your users’ habits, mobile engagement and data usage, you will be able to deliver an on-target campaign straight to your consumer’s fingertips.


Whoever understands people best wins

All successful marketing campaigns need to start with the same endeavor: understanding people. Without a clear understanding of who your consumers are, what they want, how they engage or where they prefer to consume media, you will never be able to effectively connect with them. Whoever knows people the best will always win.

The brands that have prioritized the best understanding of their customers, and the complex and detailed characteristics which they possess, will always be one step ahead of the competition. It all comes back to focusing on the people.

At Bridge, we have pushed ourselves to do just that. With our new people-based marketing initiatives, we strive to gain an all-encompassing understanding of our target audience. With our rich database of information, we are able to lead people-based marketing efforts and commit to understanding our consumers first and foremost.

Consistency matters more than intensity

As marketers follow through with each of their campaigns, it’s important to maintain that understanding of and communication with consumers. A strong and loyal relationship will keep your consumers coming back for more. However, like all things, these relationships take time.

Focus on building better relationships with consumers through consistent and insightful efforts. You do not want to overwhelm your consumer with information, especially if it’s not relevant to them.

By taking the time to understand their user tendencies and build up a strong marketing connection, you will find that your campaigns create a lasting connection between customers. Loyal consumers will trust your marketing tactics and rely on your information. Just remember to keep in mind that consistent effort will go a long way.

We left DMA’s &THEN conference with some powerful marketing insights that we look forward to translating into our current and future campaigns to leverage further success.

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