Driving Success: How First Party Data Transformed a Luxury Auto Dealership’s Game

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When it comes to luxury car sales, standing out in a competitive market can be a challenge. This was the case for a dealership located in Dallas-Fort Worth, which was looking to gain new business from both current and potential customers. To achieve this goal, the dealership turned to BRIDGE’s powerful first party data to help drive customer acquisition.

With a target audience of affluent individuals who value high-end vehicles, the dealership needed to have a strong understanding of their customers’ preferences and behaviors. And here is where our first-party data came into play…

Armed with the information from our real-people database, we were able to help the dealership tailor its marketing efforts and messaging to better resonate with its target audience. This not only helped attract new customers but also strengthened relationships with existing ones. See how we did it below.

Challenge Accepted: Customizing a Hyperlocal Audience

Understanding your target audience is crucial, and this is especially true for auto dealers. That’s why when this dealership approached us for help, we knew exactly what to do. Our team carefully analyzed the data to identify the demographics and behaviors of the dealership’s target audience. Utilizing our rich database of offline, online, and mobile data, we were able to customize a hyperlocal target audience for our client.

This target audience consisted of 70,000 individuals within the specified radius of the dealership. But it wasn’t only about the numbers. Once we had that initial number, we dug a little bit deeper to ensure that these individuals were not only in the market for a new car, but may also be looking for service opportunities near them. This then allowed us to create a highly targeted and effective campaign specifically for our client and for the services they provide.

Precision in Action

Once we had a clear understanding of our target audience, we began to develop a personalized campaign that would resonate with their unique needs and interests. We used a variety of data points, including demographics, psychographics, and purchase history to create a highly targeted message that was tailored to each individual consumer.

In addition to email, we also used mobile and desktop display ads to reach our target audience. This allowed us to reach consumers on their preferred channels, ensuring that our message was seen by as many people as possible.

By utilizing multiple channels, we were able to create a seamless and cohesive experience for the dealer’s potential customers. This made it easier for them to learn about the luxury auto dealership and take the next step in the buying process.

The Numbers Speak: A Resounding Success

The results of our omnichannel campaign were astounding. We not only reached a larger audience, but we also drove a significant increase in sales. This was due in large part to our targeted approach, which allowed us to reach verified consumers with the right message at the right time.

Using our proprietary point-of-sale match-back attribution tool, we were able to directly attribute 180 luxury car sales to our custom audience. This means that we were able to track the online activity of people who eventually purchased a car from the dealership and determine that our custom audience was responsible for a significant portion of those sales.

In addition, our data-driven approach helped foster deeper connections with existing customers, driving over 1,300 service transactions at the dealership. This shows that our approach was effective in reaching out to existing customers and encouraging them to come back to the dealership for service.

The benefits didn’t stop there. Through the creation of a custom audience and optimized media delivery, we were instrumental in helping this dealership amass $1.3 million in revenue solely through our campaign. This is a huge success, and it shows that our data and our approach can be used to generate significant results for businesses.

These results underline the power of BRIDGE’s data and our ability to transform a business’s performance in a highly competitive market. We are confident that we can use our data and our approach to help other businesses achieve similar results.

Conclusion: A Blueprint for Success in the Modern Auto Industry

Businesses must utilize data-driven strategies to drive success in today’s market. This was the challenge faced by a luxury auto dealership in Dallas-Fort Worth, which turned to BRIDGE to help gain new customers. By utilizing our rich database of offline, online, and mobile data, we were able to create a hyperlocal target audience and successfully deliver an omnichannel campaign to them.

This success story showcases the power of first-party data and the importance of understanding and targeting your audience effectively. As businesses continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of customer acquisition, it’s crucial to leverage data to drive success.

Let BRIDGE help you transform your game and achieve your business goals. Contact us today to learn more about our data-driven solutions and how we can help your business thrive.

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