How To Get Your Email Marketing Strategies to Work For You

email marketing strategies

How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Importance of Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing strategies are often promoted as one of the most important strategies for a company seeking customer retention and growth in the digital realm. Effective email marketing strategies allow a company to deliver offers, provide content, and build a rapport with its audience in order to keep its brand top of mind.

Successful email marketing strategies are not for the faint of heart. Many companies who have either misunderstood their clientele or have devoted too little time, resources, or thought to their campaigns tend to receive unpromising results.

Email marketing strategies are an incredibly effective marketing tactic if placed in the right hands. This is how you get your strategy to work for you.

Why Incorporate Email Marketing Strategies?

Email marketing strategies have some significant advantages compared to other marketing methods:

  • Targeted Reach: Put your database to use. By utilizing your personal opt-in database you can use companies (like BRIDGE!) to email your customers and find additional clientele that matches their profile set. Choose from a spectrum of profile segmentation criteria including gender, age, income, region, and even website browsing history to tune your marketing efforts and acquire new customers.
  • Low Barrier to Entry: Some marketers can burn through $10,000 of their advertising budget before knowing if the campaign tactic is viable. Email marketing costs are much lower. Email marketing also has a much more forgiving learning curve. Even if you’re not an expert, years of maturation in the industry have led to a consolidation of winning strategies across nearly all industries.
  • Transparency: Unlike other marketing tactics, which are at the mercy of unseen algorithms, frequent policy updates, and a myriad of other decisions beyond your control (e.g. Google Adwords, Yahoo Advertising, etc), you have full control of your email marketing strategy. Track your campaign at a granular level and see which individuals opened or clicked on your campaigns and have the ability to guide them towards their next purchase.

The Marketing Hat Trick

Be aware of the top three marketing strategies for the world’s most successful companies rely on to maintain a steady revenue stream year-round. While utilizing a single email marketing strategy may offer your company some level of success, the results are often fleeting and lacking variety will lead to diminishing returns.

Strategy #1: Making an Offer

Making timely and relevant offers to your customers should be an integral part of your email marketing strategy. Understanding your customers’ buying patterns, peak sales periods, preferences, and interests is essential in creating a promotional calendar that will help you reach your sales goals.

Strategy #2: Content Creation

A constant stream of sales pushes is a likely turn-off for any customer base. Because of this, be sure to include a healthy mix of fresh content in your email marketing strategies. Depending on your type of business, this can range from whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, and blog entries.

Promote something you believe your audience is likely to be interested in and share via social media. Your online presence as a source of entertainment and news can be just as important as your product offerings.

Strategy #3: Relationship Building

Learning more about your customers is essential for company growth. Building relationships doesn’t happen solely through product or content offerings. A company that can predict its client’s needs and creates an attractive product bundle to meet them assures a steady revenue stream year-round.

Marketers, for example, can ask subscribers to fill in surveys or reply to emails with relevant stories, experiences, or anecdotes to be published for the community. If your company and its audience share an opinion on a topic that’s important to them, then your service can instantly appear more trustworthy and increase the possibility of positive word-of-mouth interaction.

Building Your Reach

Strategies for acquiring customers and building your email list will ultimately vary from company to company, but the basic tenets will always hold true. Your customers are in the driving seat to your company’s success regardless of whether you choose to augment your database through advertising, affiliate programs, public speaking, guest blogging, social media, or email marketing.

Always remember to understand and respect your consumers regardless of which tactic you choose. Having a masterful outreach campaign matters little if you’re not speaking your audience’s language.

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