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Since our founding, we have worked hard to stay on top of today’s marketing trends in order to provide the best services to our clients. In an always evolving world, our technology and marketing solutions are always one step ahead of the curve. In an always connected world, we are building marketing solutions that help brands connect with the right audience on every device.

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We offer a full suite of campaign fulfillment services at every step of your multi-channel, mobile, desktop, email and social advertising campaigns. As a fulfillment partner, our marketing solutions are built to deliver the best results in one seamless approach for both our partners and their clients.

It all starts with powerful data.

Our marketing solutions are backed by powerful data and scaled with innovative technology to ensure client success. We start by helping our clients identify the right audience for their campaign and we use our people-based marketing solutions and technology to reach their audience at the scale they need across every device.

Innovative Marketing & Technology

Stop guessing, start connecting and exceed your marketing objectives.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Our people-based marketing solutions target prospective consumers across all devices with our multi-channel campaigns. Our multi-channel solution helps brands communicate with the same consumer, simultaneously, where ever they are consuming media.







Discover the data that powers our campaigns.

From dog owners in Florida to HR Managers in NYC, we have over 650 different audience segments to identify and connect with the perfect audience for your campaign. With over 250 million unique and targetable consumers, we have the power to reach your audience at scale, across all devices.

Discover your audience       Where does it come from?

We help the world’s top agencies exceed their client’s marketing objectives.



People-Based Marketing

Our guide on implementing an effective people-based marketing strategy.

Case Study

B2B Audience Targeting

Bridge utilized B2B audience segments for a targeted campaign and generated $25,000 in sales.


Bridge and Nielsen

Our partnership brings exclusive oneAudience mobile segments to the Nielsen Marketing Cloud

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