Email: The Backbone of Communication in a Socially Distanced World

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The “demise of email” has been greatly exaggerated. Contrary to popular opinion, email is not only still relevant–it’s growing. 

Email has long been the primary method of communication. Due to the pandemic, email’s importance has strengthened tenfold. Email is a useful tool that is used both personally and professionally by people and companies around the world. From checking in with family and friends to staying up to date with coworkers while working from home, it is unheard of for anyone to not have an email account.

 According to Radicati’s 2021-2025 email statistics report, email is expected to increase annually at an average rate of 4.4% over the next four years. This means that it will reach over 376 billion users at the end of 2025. The report also states that 61% of email users worldwide are checking and sending emails every day.

For businesses, email marketing gives you a personal connection with your target audience. By sending a message to the inbox of someone in your target audience, he or she is receiving direct marketing that’s personalized. There are various ways to incorporate email marketing into your marketing repertoire, especially with opt-in email marketing.

What is Opt-in Email Marketing?

Opt-in email advertising is a permission-based marketing method that requires the consumer to give consent before subscribing to a company’s emails and newsletters. For example, a user could opt-in to emails through a subscribe form, a registration page, or a forwarded email. 

 Once a user opt-ins to a company’s marketing emails, that user is officially a part of the marketing funnel. The most important part of growing your audiences’ interest is by creating original and valuable content per your buyer persona (i.e. whitepapers, e-books, newsletters, one-pagers, blogs, etc). This is a good way to attract more prospects and keep them engaged.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to engage directly with your target audience and track real-time data with open, click-through, and conversion rates to optimize your campaigns. With 99% of online consumers checking their email at least once a day, it’s vital for marketers to say on top of email marketing trends. 

Marketers use email to create deeper connections with their customers, increase sales and push consumers to new calls to action such as click and collect–buying items online and pickup in-store. 

Additionally, according to a forecast by eMarketer, in 2021, 4 out of 5 individuals in the U.S. will use email monthly, making email a highly valuable tool for marketers. During times of crisis, consumers prefer email as the channel brands used to communicate with them, specifically 40% of US adults throughout the pandemic.


All email campaigns start with building an optimal target audience. Find a provider who can build an accurate list of targetable prospects by matching your audience data against their extensive online database of postal addresses, verified email addresses, and mobile device IDs. Then, deliver your email to these highly-qualified individuals.


With every email sent, it increases exposure to your business and brand. With the right emails and strategy, your business will consistently build value. By keeping your customer engaged with emails, the consumer will think of your brand when they need a service or product. This will turn into more leads.


Not only is email marketing direct contact with the consumer, but it’s also inexpensive and flexible to start. Your brand can take advantage of how inexpensive this marketing tactic is, and flexible by getting the word out to your consumers.


Email is the most cost-effective channel – marketers can see up to a $42 return for every dollar spent on email marketing – a 4200% ROI. By performing email marketing strategy correctly by sharing interests, it can make the reader explore new categories. This opt-in email marketing approach can give better investment for your brand. 

With the ever-changing digital world, email marketing is a must.

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