How to Use Attribution to Measure Campaign Success

Why is attribution important?

You’ve run an ad campaign and saw an increase in your sales but you want to know exactly how and why you received that boost. Attribution allows you to analyze your marketing efforts in different channels to understand what’s driving those consumer purchases. By understanding how users engage at every touchpoint of their buyer’s journey, you can attribute certain marketing and media efforts to their sales.

How to measure your campaign success

One of the most powerful yet challenging aspects of today’s digital era is the ability to connect with your audiences across multiple devices and platforms: email, display, mobile, social, video, TV and more. Once a digital campaign is delivered to your target audience across multiple channels, it’s essential to utilize different tools to measure campaign success.

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Maximize your marketing spend

A campaign starts by determining who you want to target and through what devices to reach them. Say you work for Honda and want to run a campaign for the new summer model. You want to target men, ages 30-40, that live in the tri-state area who have Instagram, Spotify and Facebook on their phones. You send out the ads across multi-channels, but now what? How do you know the campaign was successful?

After your multi-channel campaign is delivered, the measuring begins. Activity across all devices such as delivery rates, email open rates and click-through rates are tracked. Based on your marketing goals, your campaign’s success is measured through each touchpoint of the customer’s journey. Consumers can respond to media in a myriad of ways. By tracking engagement both online and in-store, it is ensured that your marketing dollars are generating real results.

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Attribution tools

Let’s get into specific attribution tools to start measuring your success:

Cross-device pixel tracking

Most tracking methods fall short in following a single person along his or her various data points across multiple devices. Pixel solutions integrate with your web page to accurately track site visitors. This way, you gain a single customer view across all devices – from the first click to conversion.

Take Sam for example. From collected data, Sam’s email, gender, age range, family, geography, car, income, device setup and interests can be determined. Because Sam fits into the target audience for your campaign, he received the ad for the new summer Honda across all his platforms: desktop, mobile and email. Through pixels, it is possible to determine if he saw the ad and if he engaged in the media by visiting the website.

Point of sale matchback

An example of a successful location-based campaign starts by creating an audience of real identified people tied to a physical home address. With every campaign, your sales data is matched against collected data to understand exactly who from your target audience made a purchase from your business. This way, you know who you spoke to before they engaged with your brand.

Sam went to his local Honda dealership and made a purchase of the new summer Honda. It is possible to link Sam’s purchase directly to your existing consumer profiles. Now you can know that his purchase was because he received your multi-channel campaign.

Foot traffic attribution

With a foot traffic attribution tool, you can discover who from your target audience received an offer from your campaign and then came into your location. Utilizing real-time location services, geofencing and mobile listening allows you to capture all of the mobile devices that entered your location during the lifetime of your campaign. By doing so, you can analyze how the campaign impacted the overall foot traffic and sales.

Through mobile data, it is possible to determine that after receiving the ads, Sam went to the dealership and made a purchase. You can then cross-check the effectiveness of the media by seeing if the purchase matched the ad’s goal. In this case, the campaign wanted their targeted audience to buy their new summer Honda model. After seeing the ads across multi-channels, Sam purchased the car. The campaign was a success!

The technology behind attribution

By utilizing our rich database of offline, online and mobile data, Bridge gains insights into how users respond across all channels and devices. Our real-time data allows us to understand the customer’s journey through the course of a cross-device campaign. We are also able to analyze performance metrics to optimize future campaigns.

Through every step of your campaign, we actively track who receives the media and engages in a desired customer action, such as making a purchase in-store. Bridge’s cross-device solutions increase the transparency of campaign ROI. We utilize our advanced attribution tools to accurately measure the success of your digital campaigns – from start to end.

Get the most out of your campaign

Our attribution tools are designed to increase transparency, drive ROI and accurately measure campaign success. Use Bridge to maximize your marketing spend and gain powerful insights to fuel your next campaign.

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