Here’s how to use the single-keyword ad group strategy

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Though there are many different ways to approach structuring your paid search account, one approach stands out from the rest: single-keyword ad groups.

Previously, we’ve talked about what exactly paid search is, and the essentials of doing it the right way.

Now, we’re going to focus on the single-keyword ad group strategy. In short, single keyword ad groups create a one-to-one relationship between the keyword being searched and the ad copy that is eligible to be shown to the user. By structuring the account using this approach, it allows for keyword-specific ad copy to be written for any keyword in the account.

Improving the ad relevancy by customizing the ad copy to the keyword being searched appeals to the relevancy component of Google’s Quality Score. Coupled with the increase you’ll see in click-through rate as a result of repeating the keyword being searched back to the user in the ad copy, you’re hitting on two of the biggest components of determining your keyword Quality Score. The result of all of these improvements to QS is, ultimately, cheaper CPCs.

How to use the single-keyword ad group strategy for paid search

Once you set up your single-keyword ad groups, create keyword-specific ad copy. Write tailored headlines for each keyword and customize URL paths. This makes the copy more relevant (and clickable) to the user.

Since creating the single-keyword ad groups can be time-consuming, the recommendation is to launch your campaign with your strongest general messaging. Then, use this strategy and customize your copy for keywords experiencing poor ad relevancy or low ad quality scores.

Do you have questions about single-keyword ad groups or how you might use paid search for more effective ad campaigns? We’d love to chat.

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