What is Marketing Attribution?

Marketing attribution is the process of assigning a value to each “touchpoint” that a customer interacted with as they moved through the buyer’s journey.

This is merely another way of researching which components of your marketing campaign were most successful and capitalizing on this knowledge to improve your marketing efforts accordingly in the future.

A Closer Look at Your Consumers

By gaining greater insight into how consumers are engaging with your advertisements, you can understand how to more effectively target them.

For example, if you find that your audience is interacting more with ads on Facebook than they are with CTAs at the bottom of your weekly newsletter, you know to push more of your marketing efforts towards social media advertisements.

You also have the ability to determine on which platform your audience is engaging with your marketing materials most – such as mobile, tablets or desktops. When accurately analyzed and responded to, this information makes it possible for you to fully optimize your digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing Attribution in the Digital World

In an ever-advancing era of technology, the majority of marketing efforts are invested in the digital space. Email, social media, mobile display ads, etc. all have one crucial thing in common: they can all be measured in real time.

Every click, unique visitor and share can be easily be traced back to the individual people behind the screens. Though collecting this information requires attentiveness, the value of the results is priceless.

Attribution and People-Based Marketing

Here at Bridge, we understand that people are at the heart of your marketing campaign’s success. With our new people-based marketing approach, we utilize our extensive database of real people to send each member of your target market an individualized media campaign tailored to their media consumption preferences.

This means that we have the ability to measure which platforms individuals in your target audience use the most – like email on their desktop or the Facebook app on their mobile device – and send them advertisements only on those platforms accordingly.

By targeting people where they spend the most time, we are increasing the chance of your marketing message getting noticed and your campaign reaching the ultimate level of success and ROI.

A Cyclical Process

Upon analysis of our reports, we are able to run measurable POS Matchbacks to identify the consumers we engaged with through our campaign. With this data, we can determine how and where users respond to the advertisement. We use this insight to improve upon future marketing efforts.

New to People-Based Marketing?

Learn more about implementing a people-based marketing strategy with our in-depth guide.

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