Looking Ahead: Marketing Strategies for 2024

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As we approach 2024, it is increasingly important for businesses to take a proactive approach toward their marketing goals. Success in the coming year will not be about reacting to changes as they occur, but instead about predicting them and preparing accordingly. This includes understanding emerging trends, such as the rise of artificial intelligence and the importance of brand and data safety, and incorporating them into your future marketing strategies.

Being proactive also means knowing your audience – the actual people who make up your existing and future customer base – and how to reach them effectively. The sooner businesses begin planning and implementing their 2024 marketing strategies, the better equipped they will be to thrive in the upcoming year.

We put together a list of marketing strategies that all businesses should implement in the new year.

1: Incorporate AI

In 2024, AI will play a bigger role in digital marketing, especially with the rise of voice search and personalized customer interactions. The market for AI in digital advertising is expected to reach $26.6 billion. AI-powered automation enables personalized messaging, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics, enhancing campaign effectiveness.

Both Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI will help businesses tailor their content for voice search by using everyday language and specific keywords. AI will also analyze data to understand customer preferences, allowing businesses to deliver more personalized content and boost engagement and conversions.

By combining AI’s data-driven insights with people-based marketing, BRIDGE enables businesses to create tailored marketing campaigns and deliver increasingly personalized experiences to groups of actual people with the right messaging. This approach helps businesses build stronger connections with their customers, leading to more meaningful engagement and improved business outcomes.

2: Understand Consumer Preferences 

Understanding consumer preferences will be crucial for businesses in the next year. Consumers are exposed to over 4000 ads every day. To break through the noise, businesses need to reach the right people who are interested in their product, offer, or service.  

First-party data on actual, verified people can be instrumental in helping businesses reach their target audience with the most impactful message. Businesses can gain deep insights into their customers’ interests, preferences, and values. This alone will aid in creating a stronger connection and fostering brand loyalty. 

3: Focus on Brand and Data Safety 

Over 50% of Americans have decided not to use a product or service because of privacy concerns. High-profile breaches and scandals have heightened consumer concerns, leading to a greater demand for transparency and control over digital information.

In 2024, businesses need to make sure that they are both brand safe and data safe. To successfully run brand safe, data safe campaigns, you need to first identify and implement specific measures tailored to your brand and target audience. By following the below strategies, you can promote brand integrity and ensure data quality throughout your campaigns:

  1. Find a trustworthy partner
  2. Utilize people-based compliant data
  3. Identify brand safe, data safe requirements
  4. Remain vigilant and stay informed

4: Combat Ad Fraud

By the end of 2024, $100 billion worth of ad spend is estimated to be lost due to fraud. Not only can the right partner prevent ad fraud, but it can also help you identify the channels generating the best traffic to maximize your budget for more effective results.

In the digital age where data is abundant but often unreliable, leveraging people-based audiences can make all the difference in a campaign’s success. Actual people = actual success for your business. Your ads will only be shown to verified individuals with an interest in your business, and never to bots or cookies. Marketing to actual people yields stronger transparent results, helping businesses drive ROI. 

5: Look at the Metrics that Matter

People-based analytics and transparent reporting are set to become major trends in digital marketing. Businesses are starting to look beyond traditional metrics like opens and clicks and recognizing the importance of understanding actual customer engagement and conversions. By leveraging people-based analytics, businesses can see who engaged with their message, bought their product, or visited their store. These insights into target audiences help to optimize current campaigns and create more tailored and effective marketing strategies.

Transparent reporting plays a vital role in this process by allowing businesses to communicate their performance metrics and demonstrate the impact of their marketing efforts to stakeholders. This fosters a culture of accountability and trust, paving the way for more informed decision-making and improved business outcomes.

This is where the BRIDGE Visual Reporting Dashboard comes in. Our dashboard offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform to monitor and interpret campaign data all in one location. This streamlined approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers businesses to quickly identify trends and challenges, facilitate agile decision-making, and adapt as they go. By embracing people-based analytics and transparent reporting, businesses can stay ahead of the curve in 2024, ensuring that their marketing strategies are well-informed, targeted, and impactful. 

Partnering with BRIDGE for Success in 2024

While incorporating AI, first-party data, and transparent metrics is certainly helpful for achieving digital marketing success in 2024, choosing a trusted, people-based marketing partner is equally, if not most, important. Working with a partner like BRIDGE can guide businesses towards achieving these goals as they’d fit best with their goals and capabilities. With expertise in people-based data and innovative solutions, BRIDGE can help any business stay ahead of the competition and shape a successful 2024. 

Don’t wait for the future to come; start shaping it today with BRIDGE.

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