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The ever-growing gap between ad exposure and tangible business outcomes has long been a tough challenge, with 74% of marketers reporting that they cannot measure or report how their marketing efforts directly impact their business. Most traditional metrics, like clicks and impressions, only offer a vague measure of success and are of little help. This is where BRIDGE comes in. Our people-based approach and reporting tied to actual, verified individuals are changing the game for marketers everywhere.

The Problem with Traditional Metrics

The fundamental issue with relying on conventional metrics like click-through rates or impression counts is that they do not provide the full story. While these metrics can indicate interest or the reach of an advertising campaign, they are limited in their ability to demonstrate how this interest translates into actual business value.

Marketers are left with a puzzle; they know their content is being seen, but understanding if and how it influences consumer behavior remains a mystery. This gap means businesses could be investing heavily in strategies that seem successful on the surface but fail to make a genuine impact on their sales goals. Without the ability to trace a direct line from initial ad exposure to a sale, creating strategies for growth becomes more of a guesswork than a data-driven process.

BRIDGE’s Solution: Point-of-Sale (POS) Matchback

BRIDGE introduces a groundbreaking solution with our exclusive POS Matchback Attribution tool. Our POS Matchback tool directly ties your marketing efforts to real business outcomes so you know the actual, verified individuals who saw your ad and converted. First, we’ll run your campaign. Then, we match your sales success back to the actual people that we targeted with your ads. 

But before we can do all this – we first need to start with a verified audience of actual people.

By verifying our audience data upfront, BRIDGE makes sure your ads always hit the mark, avoiding wasted money spent on cookies, bots, or those who aren’t interested. Our careful targeting boosts ad spending effectiveness and increases the chance of attracting actual customers who actually want what you’re selling. We use advanced data analysis to pinpoint your perfect customer, creating a smarter campaign setup that’s more likely to convert viewers into buyers, ensuring a better payoff for your investment.

The Benefits of Working with BRIDGE

By partnering with BRIDGE, you access several unmatched advantages:

  • Maximize ad spend: Working with us optimizes your advertising budget. Precise data on consumer engagement means your business can allocate its resources more effectively, targeting only the most relevant audiences.
  • Increase transparency: Transparency is key, and we offer a crystal-clear view of consumer interactions with your brand. Knowing these dynamics helps brands create more compelling narratives designed to resonate with their target market.
  • Demonstrating ROI: BRIDGE offers direct insights into the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. This showcases the immediate impact of campaigns while affirming the long-term value of data-informed marketing strategies.
  • Optimize future campaigns: The insights gained from working with us provide a foundation for continuously refined and optimized marketing efforts. Understanding past consumer behavior helps businesses tailor their upcoming campaigns to more accurately meet their audience’s needs.

Real Success: Furniture Retailer Achieves $7.2M in Revenue

A standout example of our tool’s effectiveness involves a national furniture retailer. Tasked with boosting in-store sales across 18 locations, the retailer turned to our people-based solutions.

Using our strong emphasis on growth-oriented services and our audience database of actual people, we built a target audience of adults who lived within the retailer’s 5 target market regions and who were interested in home furnishing, decoration, and accessories shopping.

We then deployed a three-month campaign to our target audience across Facebook, OTT, Display, and Search. 

The result? Over $7.2 million in revenue was attributed to our targeted campaign efforts over three months, with 40% of in-store sales directly matching our audience through our POS Matchback reporting.

Empowering Your Business with BRIDGE

Moving away from conventional metrics towards direct, one-on-one business results guarantees actual, quantifiable results from your marketing efforts. With our POS Matchback solution, you can finally connect the dots between your campaigns and revenue, helping you make data-driven decisions and achieve substantial ROI.

Are you ready to see the difference actual results from actual people can make? Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Get started with BRIDGE today to take your marketing strategies to new heights this year.

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