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Gmail, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, stands as a testament to the evolution of the digital marketing industry. In these two decades, we’ve witnessed monumental changes, and this year-long transition signals a definitive step towards a more privacy-centric approach to online advertising. 

The impending deprecation of third-party cookies, brought on by Google’s announcement that they would be disabling cookies for 1% of global Chrome users, has forced marketers and advertisers alike to rethink strategies that have dominated the industry for decades – and to rethink them quickly. Driven by growing concerns over privacy and data security, this news signifies the end of an era marked by reliance on user data collected by third-party browsers.

BRIDGE foresaw this shift long ago and has always championed people-based, first-party data strategies. We know that email is the best identifier in the post-cookie world and is at the core of how we build our profiles on actual people.

While others scramble to adapt, we stand ready to guide you through this “cookie apocalypse” with confidence and expertise. In this blog, we will review the impact of cookie deprecation and how first-party data will launch your company to success.

Understanding the Impact of Cookie Deprecation

The deprecation of cookies marks a significant adjustment in how businesses approach tracking, targeting, and measurement. The reliance on third-party cookies for user insights has been a fundamental practice for years, and its absence will transform how many businesses interact with their audiences online.

The immediate impact is clear: businesses must adapt or risk falling behind. This means reevaluating and adjusting your digital strategies now. No longer can you lean on third-party data to understand audience browsing habits. Instead, businesses must innovate and adopt new methods for collecting data – ways that respect user privacy and transparency. 

Embracing First-Party Data

BRIDGE has been championing people-based, first-party data strategies since our inception. As pioneers in the industry, we recognize that email is the cornerstone of identity in a post-cookie world. That is why every person in our audience is tied to a verified email address. 

First-party data is information collected directly from your audience or customers. This includes data from behaviors, actions, or interests demonstrated across your websites or social media platforms, making it a gold mine for understanding your audience intimately.

The beauty of first-party data lies not only in its accuracy but also in its respect for privacy. Since this data comes straight from your audience, with their consent, it overcomes any privacy concerns increasingly associated with third-party data. This direct line of insight ensures a higher level of accuracy in targeting and personalization efforts, allowing businesses to craft strategies and messages that resonate deeply with their target market.

The Transition to First-Party Data and Compliance Perks

Compliance has become a critical aspect of any digital advertising strategy, especially while GDPR and CCPA laws continue to govern the digital space. Gathering opt-in information straight from your audience benefits companies in two ways: it ensures your business conforms to stringent privacy regulations and simultaneously strengthens your brand’s credibility online.

For businesses that find themselves lost in the complexity of first-party data – whether that be due to a lack of knowledge, capital, or infrastructure – partnering with the right expert is key. We can act as the bridge (pun intended) between your businesses and people-driven, first-party results. Whether you’re a small business, an agency, or a large retailer, our services are designed to help you thrive in this new era. 

BRIDGE Has Your Back

While some may view this transition with apprehension, we see it as the dawning of a healthier digital environment. By purging the network of bad actors, the trust between consumers and brands is set to strengthen like never before. 

With BRIDGE, you’re choosing a partner steadfast in its resolve to never depend on cookies for ad targeting. Instead, we leverage actual, people-based strategies that guarantee long-term success. Our unwavering commitment to developing direct, consent-based relationships with audiences ensures that our partners are not just surviving, but thriving in a post-cookie world.

Why wait to become cookie-proof? Join us, and together, let’s set the standard for a healthier, trust-filled digital ecosystem.

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