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Don’t Miss Out On These Featured First Party Audiences for December

At BRIDGE, our mission is clear: to connect marketers with their true buying audience. In a world full of marketing noise, we pride ourselves on truly understanding people on an individual level. Unlike other providers, we’ll never target using cookies or without knowing the source.  We will connect you directly with actual individuals tied to a verified email address, not only making your campaigns more authentic but also giving you the advantage of precise performance measurement. We want to help your message resonate meaningfully, so you can engage and inspire your audience.

This December, we have carefully identified four key audience segments that embody the prevailing New Year resolutions. Each group represents unique individuals committed to personal growth and well-being. Our featured audiences for the month include:

Fitness Enthusiasts, Organic or Natural Food Shoppers, Health and Well-Being Enthusiasts, and Avid Readers.

By focusing marketing efforts on these featured audiences, you can position your business as an ally in the pursuit of personal betterment. This fosters a connection beyond just transactions and creates a meaningful and engaging relationship.

Audience Segment 1: Fitness Enthusiasts

Nearly 40% of adults want to improve their fitness and diet in the new year, which is why our first featured audience this month is Fitness Enthusiasts. This group is committing to an active lifestyle. They’re prioritizing self-improvement, sticking to fitness routines, and valuing holistic well-being. The latest fitness trends show a shift towards a comprehensive approach that combines physical and mental health with the latest tech innovations. 

As Fitness Enthusiasts often use fitness trackers and social media to track their journey, there is a strong sense of community within this group as they often rely on their network to keep them inspired and motivated to stay on course. As the year wraps up, their New Year resolutions revolve around weight management, improved fitness levels, and staying consistent. Marketers have a unique opportunity to offer products and services that align perfectly with the goals of this fitness-focused audience, so let’s dive in and explore more!

Audience Segment 2: Organic or Natural Food Shoppers 

Organic food shoppers are a discerning group of people who prioritize the quality and sustainability of their dietary choices. They seek products that align with their authenticity, purity, and ethical sourcing values. As the new year approaches, the connection between organic food shoppers and resolutions becomes evident. They have a collective desire for a fresh start and a dedication to overall well-being. Common resolutions among this group include weight management, increased energy levels, and a focus on long-term health benefits.

A growing trend among organic food shoppers is the embrace of mindful eating and health-conscious choices. It goes beyond a preference for organic produce and encompasses a holistic approach that considers both nutritional value and environmental impact. This community values transparency in food production and seeks clean, sustainable, and ethically sourced options. As marketers, we can tap into this trend by aligning our campaigns with the aspirations of organic food shoppers. We can offer products that not only promote personal health but also contribute to a more sustainable and conscientious lifestyle in the new year. 

Audience Segment 3: Health & Well-Being

Health and well-being enthusiasts are known for their unwavering dedication to holistic well-being, embracing the importance of mental, physical, and emotional health as vital parts of a balanced lifestyle. These individuals actively seek out products and experiences that contribute to their overall vitality, mindfulness, and harmony, placing a strong emphasis on self-care and stress reduction.

To effectively connect with this audience, marketers can align their campaigns with the pursuit of a balanced and healthy life. By highlighting products and services that cater to the multiple facets of their lives, such as mental wellness, fitness, nutrition, and relaxation, a meaningful connection can be established. Messages that promote stress reduction, mindfulness practices, and self-care will greatly resonate with individuals seeking a harmonious and fulfilling life. By addressing the diverse needs of these wellness enthusiasts, marketers can position their offerings as integral components of a comprehensive well-being approach, fostering long-lasting connections with this health-conscious audience.

Audience Segment 4: Avid Readers

For passionate book lovers, the beginning of a new year symbolizes a chance for personal growth and expanding their knowledge. As the calendar turns, they are driven by a deep desire to challenge themselves, develop new skills, and broaden their intellectual horizons. These avid readers set resolutions that push them to explore new perspectives and deepen their understanding of the world. Books play a pivotal role in supporting and nurturing these goals. Whether it’s non-fiction for acquiring new skills, self-help literature for personal development, or timeless classics for intellectual enrichment, books serve as catalysts for new year transformations. 

As marketers seek to connect with these avid readers, it’s crucial to develop campaigns that highlight titles and genres aligned with their aspirations. By emphasizing the impact that literature can have on shaping one’s character, knowledge, and worldview, we tap into their individuality, presenting books as invaluable tools for self-discovery and intellectual advancement in the coming year. 

Let BRIDGE Be Your Guide

We take pride in our unique ability to connect marketers directly with actual, verified people. These connections are not only authentic and personalized but also offer an opportunity for marketers to make a long-lasting and genuine impact on their audience. So, here’s our invitation to you: leverage the top-ranked audiences we shared here as a blueprint for crafting successful December campaigns and dive into the motivations of fitness and health enthusiasts, organic food shoppers, and avid readers no matter where they are. 

As the year comes to an end, let BRIDGE help you align your brand with the pulse of consumer resolutions. Stay tuned for more exciting featured audience segments and emerging trends of effective and impactful marketing. 

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