The Opportunities of Omnichannel Marketing in 2018

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Understanding Omnichannel Marketing

Omni in Latin means “all.” In omnichannel marketing, the prefix represents the all-encompassing integrating shopping experience consumers encounter today. As technology usage rapidly increases, customers are approached with the “universal” shopping experience in their day-to-day lives. Omnichannel refers to the sales approach that contributes to the customers’ integrated shopping experience. It’s the way consumers engage with a brand, which reflects how the brand engages with the consumer.

Every customer has a different experience through omnichannel marketing. Whether through voice, video, email, chat or social media, each customer is engaged through multiple touch points.
Although this marketing concept may seem initially tricky, there are easily accessible tools to give you the benefits of omnichannel marketing.

The buyer’s journey can start from offline to online. There’s an array of opportunities to take advantage of omnichannel marketing with your consumers.

Social Media Tools Underlying Omnichannel

Consumers are constantly on their mobile devices. Store visit tools give digital and in-person commerce a new experience. This is so companies can meet the customer where they are.


Snapchat is not only for showing others your daily “snaps,” but it can also be a tracking method to track ad performance. Third party partnerships include packages to connect the user to ad campaigns for certain stores.


Facebook has a Visits store program for retailers, auto dealerships and other organizations. This feature provides benefits and values for the omnichannel experience in all different industries. Facebook lets these industries use their advertising with Calls To Action (CTAs), maps, store locators and even allows the customer to check into a place. These tools allow advertisers to track store visits, average sale per visit and the demographics of the audience.

Loyalty with Omnichannel Approach

With industries adopting omnichannel marketing, more and more companies are increasing their loyalty programs to keep their current customers engaged. According to the Mobile Loyalty Report, 64% of brands have increased their loyalty programs over the last year and a majority of these brands cited that mobile is the biggest component.

Target Certain Audiences

With the proper tools in place, brands can use data to rack their audiences and incentivize specific segments to return to the store or engage with an online experience. With omnichannel marketing, brands can turn loyalty brand lovers into trying a new product by giving a coupon or a new deal on the web.

By taking advantage of omnichannel marketing, you can increase your business’s reach!


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