People-Based Display Advertising: A Step Towards More Meaningful Connections


As more advertisers have been learning, targeting actual, interested people with your ad content has quickly become the holy grail of effective advertising. It’s no longer about flooding the market with your message; but instead about reaching that one individual who will resonate with your message and initiate the kind of engagement that, in turn, impacts business.

But how do we measure this engagement? What if we shifted the focus from simple views and clicks to the actual people receiving the ad? This is where people-based display advertising comes into play.

Understanding People-Based Display Advertising

People-based display advertising, an exclusive offering by BRIDGE, revolutionizes the way marketers target and gauge the success of their campaigns. Unlike traditional methods, BRIDGE’s strategy is rooted in a deep, personal understanding of actual people, courtesy of our unique capability to link actual individuals to verified email addresses. 

This tailored approach ensures a hyper-targeted, efficient strategy where every ad placement is intentional, and every impression counts. We’ll never place your ad in a generic web space and hope someone sees it. We prioritize actual people rather than opaque clicks from bots. Only BRIDGE can offer this level of precision and personalization in ads targeting actual, verified people, setting a new standard in the efficacy and relevance of digital advertising campaigns. 

The Difference in Metrics

While programmatic advertising significantly ups the ante in targeting precision, it usually clings to the old world’s metrics – the same Impressions, Click-Through Rates, and Cost Per Clicks. These metrics, while not obsolete, often fail to capture the true value of engaging with actual consumers.

People-Based Metrics That Move the Needle

At BRIDGE, we’re only focused on the metrics that matter– individual reach and the number of ACTUAL people who were exposed to or who engaged with your ad. Instead of celebrating clicks, our exclusive people-based advertising approach bases itself on personal engagement, recognizing the importance of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

BRIDGE’s Expanded People-Based Programmatic Campaigns

With our new, expanded people-based programmatic campaigns, businesses can now incorporate people-based strategies across all digital advertising landscapes, from display and mobile to audio and video content across various channels, including CTV, OTT, and desktop. And with detailed reporting down to an actual person, we don’t just target better; we measure better.

Why This Matters to Your Business

For a business looking to cut through the digital noise, the promise of meaningful engagement can be a game-changer. This can be the difference between running profitable campaigns and squandering budgets on vanity metrics.

By adopting people-based advertising, you ensure that every penny of your marketing spend is accounted for in terms of genuine audience interaction. This translates into a positive brand image, increased loyalty, and, ultimately, a healthier bottom line.

Your Future with BRIDGE

Display advertising can no longer afford to be one-size-fits-all. BRIDGE is committed to creating custom, authentic connections between your brand and actual people. Our expanded people-based programmatic campaigns are the first step in this exciting new direction.

If you’re ready to take the leap into a more personal form of advertising, we’re here to show you the way. Contact us to learn more about how you can amplify your marketing strategy through people-based display advertising with BRIDGE.

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