People-Based Marketing 101


The key to success in marketing lies in understanding your audience at the deepest level possible. Doing so means knowing the lives, habits, and interests of the actual individuals who make up your target audience. This marks the era of people-based marketing, a departure from traditional methods. 

No longer satisfied with one-size-fits-all strategies, marketers are embracing highly personalized and engaging approaches, and it’s paid off. 88% of marketers see measurable improvement from adopting a personalized ad approach. Now you may be wondering, “What does people-based marketing even mean?” Well, let’s break down this sudden shift from conventional marketing to people-based where tangible results, authentic engagement, and sustainable growth reign supreme.

What is People-Based Marketing?

People-based marketing revolves around understanding and engaging with actual consumers on a highly personalized level. At its core, it aims to treat each customer as a unique entity rather than a faceless part of a broad target audience.

This strategy involves the collection and utilization of first-party customer data to create a comprehensive profile for each person. In simple terms, it’s about showing ads to actual people who are genuinely interested in a product and ultimately avoiding fake accounts, bots, or inactive email addresses.

Ultimately, people-based marketing works to establish direct and meaningful connections with customers, tailoring messages and campaigns to suit their distinct preferences and behaviors. It represents a shift away from traditional mass marketing in favor of precision and personalization.

What does People-Based Marketing Do?

People-based marketing leverages customer data to drive personalized, effective, and cohesive marketing strategies. It’s designed to create a lasting consumer impact through three key elements:

Personalization: There’s a strong emphasis on personalization through people-based marketing. Tailoring marketing messages and content to individual customers based on their unique preferences, behaviors, and past interactions with your brand almost undoubtedly leads to increased engagement and higher conversion rates. Instead of generic one-size-fits-all messages, this style of marketing ensures your message resonates with each customer on a personal level.

Audience Segmentation: Audience segmentation is a critical component of people-based marketing because it involves categorizing your customer base into distinct groups based on shared characteristics or behaviors. By segmenting your audience, you can create highly targeted campaigns that address the specific needs and interests of each group. This not only boosts the relevance of your marketing but also allows you to allocate resources more efficiently by directing efforts where they are most likely to yield results. For example, with people-based marketing, you can target audiences of actual people who are outdoor enthusiasts, own a Chevrolet Equinox, have recently purchased cleaning products, and more. 

Multichannel Marketing: Today, customers are constantly interacting with brands through various channels and devices. This is why a people-based multichannel marketing approach is essential. A people-based approach ensures that you are reaching actual people on the devices they are most active on. Whether it’s social media, email, website, Connected TV, or audio – your ad will be shown to actual people who fit your audience criteria, increasing the chances of conversion.

People-based marketing is a great way to use the power of data to your full advantage. With it, you can seamlessly deliver personalized experiences, target specific audience segments, and reach actual people across multiple channels. 

What are the Benefits of People-Based Marketing?

Businesses looking to optimize their marketing efforts would find people-based marketing valuable because of its wide range of benefits:

Better Customer Relationships: By tailoring marketing messages to individual preferences and behaviors, you create a sense of personalization and relevance that resonates with customers. This personalized approach can enhance customer loyalty, trust, and long-term engagement, leading to more satisfied and loyal patrons.

Takes the Guesswork out of Targeting: Traditional marketing often involves a degree of guesswork when it comes to targeting the right audience. However, people-based marketing relies on comprehensive customer data, removing the uncertainty associated with targeting. With access to detailed customer profiles, businesses can precisely identify their ideal audience and tailor campaigns accordingly, resulting in more effective and efficient marketing efforts.

Expanded Reach: With people-based marketing, businesses can expand their reach in a highly targeted manner. By understanding individual customer behaviors and preferences, they can identify similar audiences or look-alike segments and reach out to new potential customers who share characteristics with their existing customer base, which can open up new markets and opportunities for growth.

Transparent Results: Since people-based marketing only targets actual people, marketers will be able to accurately measure how well their campaigns perform. People-based data providers have the unique ability to link an individual’s digital and real-world data points, enabling businesses to see who engaged with their message, bought their products, and visited their stores. Businesses will know that their ad dollars aren’t going to waste.

How Do I Get Started?

People-based marketing enhances customer relationships through personalized experiences, eliminates guesswork in targeting, expands reach by identifying similar audiences, and provides transparent results. These benefits combined improve overall marketing effectiveness and drive better results for businesses in today’s data-driven marketing landscape.

To begin your journey into people-based marketing, consider partnering with experts like BRIDGE who specialize in reaching the actual people who make up your target audience by delivering ads through the digital channels they’re most active on. We understand the power of data. With a rich database of actual people who have willingly shared their preferences, habits, and interests with us, we’ve ushered in a new era of personalized marketing. 

BRIDGE is committed to delivering the best results for your business. When you choose to partner with us, you’re choosing a partner that’s dedicated to actual results, actual engagement, and actual growth. 

Get in touch with BRIDGE and experience our commitment to helping your business succeed in the best way possible.

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