Programmatic video campaigns now viable for any size agency

programmatic video ads

Expand inventory and reach with better targeting for a big ROI boost

Adapting to new technology isn’t always easy. And for a long time, programmatic advertising was no exception. 

Put simply, programmatic advertising digitally automates the ad-buying process. Instead of manually buying ad inventory in one specific place, computer algorithms bid on inventory across a range of platforms and publishers in real time to more efficiently reach a specific audience. While more expensive, it’s almost much more targeted, letting brands and agencies find audience needles in a haystack. Ultimately, brands spend less for a higher return. 

Programmatic is not new, but for many years it has been out of reach for some agencies that didn’t have the time, budget, or relationship resources to make it available to clients. 

This is changing and the timing couldn’t be better. 

Making sure every dollar counts

As brands once again look ahead to economic uncertainty, ad dollars need to stretch even further than before. Programmatic makes this possible by focusing on buying audiences instead of specific platforms or publishers. 

Previously, if a car dealer wanted to reach a certain audience, they advertised to the masses and hoped their buyers were somewhere in the mix. Best case scenario, they could get somewhat regional with an ad in local papers, or on local TV channels and cable networks. 

The audience they wanted could very well see these ads on these platforms, but at what cost? For every luxury auto intender coming up on lease renewal, how many non-relevant consumers were they also paying to reach? How many consumers were way out of market with no chance of ever traveling to purchase? 

Worse yet, how many of the exact types of consumers they wanted to reach were they missing by overlooking newer platforms like OTT and connected TVs?

Taking the programmatic plunge

These questions will become irrelevant for agencies ready to take the programmatic plunge. At BRIDGE, we’re helping firms of all sizes do just that. 

In a nutshell, we already have the audience (more than 250M consumers), connect to all the platforms (email, digital TV, display, mobile) and offer advantageous rates that agencies can build a business upon. We are programmatic experts and so your clients benefit from our expertise in running campaigns for a range of brands across the country. 

In particular, we are seeing agencies deliver big for clients by incorporating programmatic video into the buying mix. Think platforms and apps like Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, Roku, and Apple TV, to name a few. Consumers are engaging highly on these platforms, which are all-embracing advertising like never before. Heck, even Netflix which infamously swore it would never have ads on its platform, is set to start opening inventory to advertisers as soon as this month. 

It’s all about the audience. Brands are able to speak to specific types of consumers by layering demographic, geographic and audience attributes and target messages to just them. Let’s go back to our auto-intender example above. Without this layering, maybe you would buy an expensive spot to reach 80,000 people watching Thursday Night Football in a specific region. With layering, you can narrow that audience to 3,000 auto intenders that match specific criteria. 

It’s a quality-over-quantity play where every impression counts, helping brands reach the right audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. The best part is, it doesn’t take large budgets to win. 

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for agencies looking to capitalize with minimal risk and investment on their side. 

We recently worked with an agency that grew by 200% purely on the back of expanding into programmatic, with video core to the approach. Here’s what that agency saw as the benefits of working together:

  • Broaden services portfolio. Offering an expanded set of services means appealing to an expanded set of clients. 
  • Grow client base. Expand into new verticals, industries or locations to attract more clients. 
  • Boost existing client spend. Grow existing accounts by adding programmatic to campaign strategies. 
  • Boost revenues. We offer wholesale rates that make it easy to turn a profit. 
  • Programmatic made easy. We make programmatic turnkey – bring the budget and we deliver the audience as an extension of your agency. 

Interested in learning more? Reach out and let us know how we can help.

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