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The advertising industry is constantly adapting and optimizing to new consumer trends. As we all know, the previous year brought on many changes to daily life and behaviors.

So what is the newest fad in consumer lives and the advertising world? Programmatic Audio. 

What is Programmatic Audio?

Programmatic Audio refers to ads delivered through digital audio streaming apps that play music, podcasts, or the news (e.g. Spotify, Westwood One, Pandora, NPR, or CBS Radio), and are similarly targeted to the way display ads are delivered to mobile users. 

Programmatic audio is taking the streaming world by storm. The Wynn Las Vegas recently announced its resort will be adding sports podcasting studios to their lobbies– making them the newest attraction of Sin City. Similarly, MGM just partnered with sports podcaster, The Athletic, to incorporate sports betting into the podcast industry.

Audio ads can be used to target and retarget specific audiences based on geographic locations, time slots, interests, and media preferences. You can also run audio ads alone or alongside companion banner(s) to retarget users who have already listened to your ad, in order to increase your conversion rates.

Reach the right people where they listen most. 

Consumers can’t get enough of digital audio. With the pandemic having affected listening patterns and media budgets, marketers are learning how to update their audio strategies. In 2020, adults across the country spent 1 hour more per day on digital activities across all devices– more than they did in 2019. 

Programmatic Audio is a small, but growing part of digital advertising. There are 204M digital audio listeners in the US– two-thirds of all digital media consumers, making digital audio the second most popular digital activity for U.S. adults following directly behind video. 

The Benefits of Programmatic Audio

While audio ads are not clickable, they can be served alongside companion banner ads which provide a visual element and link to a website or landing page. 

91% of the global streaming audio audience (nearly 1 billion people) choose to listen to music through ad-supported channels. With programmatic audio ads, you can integrate your brand into your audiences’ everyday lives in a distraction-free environment, creating a seamless, personalized ad experience.

Music services platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and CBS Radio leverage logins, profile information, and user data to enable advertisers to reach and deliver relevant, contextual messages and content to their target audience/consumers based on age, gender, preferences, listening habits, etc.

Radio often touts its ability to reach large audiences, and though it may generate massive reach, we live in a world where conversion alone matters. As technologies and advances continue to emerge, real-time data will be crucial for advertisers.

Whether it’s streaming music, breaking news, live talk shows, or background audiobooks, programmatic audio enables advertisers to target beyond simple demographics. 

Target Audio Listeners By:

    • Location
    • Time Slots
    • LIfestyles & Interests

Gain Key Reporting Insights on:

    • Banner Clicks
    • Completion Rate
    • Path to conversions

Sound too good to be true? We turned our programmatic best practices into action and ran an audio campaign for a major national parcel service. 

In Practice: Connect to 1M Real People Through Programmatic Audio

During the holiday season, a Major National Parcel Service was looking to increase their recruitment efforts across designated marketing areas (DMAs) around the country by use of audio streaming ads. But there was a significant challenge: the parcel service didn’t know how to pinpoint and reach real people in these specific DMAs or measure their success. That’s where we came in.

We worked with the parcel service to create a target audience of potential new recruits that were most relevant to their campaign.

The information was filtered to create a custom audience of blue-collar workers and individuals with a high school level education looking for new career opportunities located in various DMAs across the country.

Once we built out the major national parcel service’s custom audience, we activated a programmatic audio campaign. We focused on optimizing the audio ads across premium audio streaming platforms like Spotify, podcasts, and other music channels based on where the target audience was most likely to engage.

Digging deeper, we utilized our Programmatic Audio solution to analyze each market’s target audience and tied them to ad views.

The campaign proved to be a huge success. We delivered 17.9M ads, 4.6M impressions and reached a total of 1 million REAL people.

Let’s connect you to your true listening audience with Programmatic Audio.

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