The 2024 election cycle is here. Are you ready?

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The 2024 election cycle is upon us. Political ad spending for 2024 is expected to surpass $10 billion, breaking all-time records. In an already competitive environment, political candidates need to act fast to find a marketing partner who can help them get their advertising campaigns in front of real voters.

To help political advertisers maximize relevance and results in the upcoming election season, we’ve created a helpful guide. You’ll find a comprehensive analysis of our people-based strategies from prior election cycles to help you make informed decisions for your political advertising.

Key Takeaways and Insights from Past Elections 

Drawing from the lessons of previous elections, there are three critical insights that every political advertiser should consider:

  • Audience Profiling: Successful past campaigns have highlighted the importance of detailed audience profiling. It doesn’t just come down to understanding the demographics of your voters, but more so their behavior, interests, and digital behavior. This in-depth view of real people enables you to craft messages that will really resonate with your target audience.
  • Precision Targeting: The influence that precise audience targeting has in digital marketing overall cannot be overstated. Learning from past elections, it’s evident that campaigns that reach real voters across diverse interests and attributes stand a better chance of success. Reaching real people where they are most active allows you to eliminate ad fraud and see better results. 
  • Actionable Insights: Data-driven decisions have been a cornerstone of effective election campaigns. Analyzing previous election data has consistently revealed the importance of having access to actionable insights. These insights allow for real-time adjustments and optimization strategies, ensuring that your campaign remains adaptive and effective.

Combining Digital with Real People 

Now, let’s explore why selecting the right marketing partner, like BRIDGE, is crucial for your campaign’s success.

BRIDGE is a recognized leader in the field of political advertising, with a unique approach that is fueled by people-based data.

Our commitment to using strategic, people-based data has set us apart in the digital advertising industry from other partners who only deliver ads to generic, off-the-shelf audiences. By collaborating with BRIDGE, you can ensure that your campaign reaches real, verified individuals with real interests and behaviors.

BRIDGE simplifies the campaign process, providing you with an intuitive platform that streamlines operations. Simply build your custom audience of real people, based on hundreds of political attributes like voter type, political causes, election participation, charitable contributions, and more. From there, our team of programmatic experts will deliver your ad where your audience is most likely to engage and provide you with transparent results. This ensures that your team can focus on connecting with your audience and making a meaningful impact while we do the heavy lifting. 

Most importantly, BRIDGE delivers tangible and actionable results. By leveraging our data-driven approach, you will soon see a clear impact on your campaign’s performance, allowing for informed decisions, a precise audience of real people, and a pathway to success.

Success Story: Political Candidate for U.S. Congress

A political candidate was going against a popular incumbent for New York’s 16th Congressional District, but due to the pandemic, he was unable to utilize the traditional door-to-door approach of political marketing. He turned to us for our ‘digital door knocking’ method to directly reach voters on their devices with his message.

We utilized our database of verified people to create a custom target audience for the candidate of individuals who were registered Democratic Voters, Veterans, and Spanish Speakers in New York’s 16th District. We also matched and appended both Primary and General Election lists. These two audience strategies allowed us to create a total audience size of 120,000 verified individuals. 

We then delivered the campaign to these real people where they were most active across email, display, social media, and video. 

At the end of the campaign, we were able to provide transparent results. His campaign video, specifically, even earned 70% + completion rates across all segments using a full 60-second clip. 

Launch your campaign today

As the 2024 election cycle unfolds, be sure to leverage insights from previous elections when planning for the future. By partnering with a trusted provider like BRIDGE, you can utilize our expertise from past elections, as well as our high-quality, people-based solutions to make a significant impact on campaign performance and to reach your target audience of voters. 

Say goodbye to generic outreach. Instead, choose BRIDGE and elevate your political campaign to new heights.

Still not sure where to start? Download our full political guide here. 

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