Why are CPGs still relevant?

Traditional consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies may be thought of irrelevant in this age of online shopping for products and services. Many CPGs are continuously using TV commercials or in-store advertising as a way to market their product but those methods are rapidly decreasing in results. However, their products are still relevant, which is why CPG marketers need to adjust to the digital world. There is a way to better target consumers through data and digital channels that leads to direct relationships with the people who actually buy and use these products. The best strategy for CPG marketers to do so is by utilizing email marketing.

The importance of email marketing

The goal of an email marketing strategy is to convert prospects to consumers by building relationships and trust with your audience. Create a specific following for your email list and market directly for that audience. The strategy applied here is for CPG marketers to use on their target customers, ones that use and replace a product frequently. The best way to target reach potential consumers is by sharing a customer success story. If a prospect has a similar problem, they will read how your solutions have worked for others and can work for them too.

Step 1: Identify a successful customer

Identifying who the successful customer you will be using in your email story is the important first step. Focus on a person having a problem and was able to find a solution based on your product or service. It should be somebody who you helped, fostered a relationship with and who can speak on having a great customer experience with your company and/or product.

Step 2: What you did for them

Here is where you should outline how the products or services you have can help those receiving your email. Outlined solutions you have accomplished for them based on the product or service you offered. You want to create an easy to follow story, showing that when a person is having a problem, your company is there for them to provide a solution.

Step 3: End with a CTA

CTA’s are a great way to convert prospects into customers by offering them a direct link to the landing page of your choice. Here, you want to express that you can apply the same results to the customer. You should give an option to connect to show that the customer can have the same success story. There should text-based CTA’s throughout your email linked to additional resources and a button CTA that goes to your landing page. It’s important to have diverse options of interaction so the reader gets to have the experience they want by being able to choose how they reach out to you. Finally, offer your service. List all of the solutions you have to offer to your customers.

Bridge’s email marketing strategy

Bridge utilizes emails as a way to connect with our prospects, clients, and partners. We focus on this channel for CPG marketers because of the increase in conversion results.

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