WTF is Identity Resolution?

At BRIDGE, we market to real people, not bots. We make sure your message hits the right humans, whether they’re scrolling through Facebook on their smartphone, watching Netflix on a Connected TV, or Googling sports scores at work.

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With BRIDGE, you only have to work with one provider because of our unique human identity graph. While other providers identify individuals by matching similar characteristics at the persona level we link consumer attributes at the human level. This allows us to unify disparate digital attributes tied to REAL people to create accurate, timely, and complete profiles.

identity resolution guide

Our Premium Guide to Identity Resolution

The key to heroism is finding the right sidekick, a partner that can fill in your gaps and help you interpret data. And the key to that is a process called identity resolution.

We worked with Digiday to put a spotlight on identity resolution, and our guide — aptly titled “WTF is Identity Resolution?” — serves to better illuminate the oft-used buzz term, showing how marketers are using data to reach real people across all their devices.

How we do it

The key to this process is Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is a data management process through which an identity is analyzed between data sets to find a match. It’s a fancy way of saying that you can match a person’s offline persona (their ethically-sourced PII data) with their online persona (mobile IDs, cookies, etc). All of our data collection methods meet the strictest privacy laws.

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Only one-quarter of all digital ad spend ever reaches actual people, according to the Association of National Advertisers.

We have a problem with this. When marketers are unsure if their messages are hitting real people, it impacts the entire digital ad industry, from small businesses to big agencies. So at BRIDGE, we use Identity Resolution to make sure your message hits real, verified humans across the litany of devices they use.

We’re also big believers in privacy, and believe that being honest with your users is the best policy. It’s why we’re members of the Digital Advertising Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to best privacy practices in the ad industry. All of the data we use for Identity Resolution is ethically sourced and meets the strictest privacy standards.

Benefits of True Identity Resolution

Our unparalleled data hygiene, matching and triangulation processes ensure you’re using our data efficiently and without wasted spend.

Our data is deterministic and based on the actual digital, mobile and offline behavior of REAL people. Knowing more about your customers allows you to create deeper relationships with them.

Our data is 100% opt-in is CCPA, GDPR & CAN-SPAM compliant. Our data is ranked #1 by Truth{set}, an independent firm that measures consumer audience data quality.

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