What to do if you’re a healthcare practice looking to reach new and existing patients


Healthcare practices like yours are re-opening across the country, and patients need to know that you’ve met safety guidelines and are open again for “non-essential” visits. There are large numbers of patients who need care, and both existing and prospective patients need to hear from you that you are open and they can see you safely.

American Healthcare is restarting. Here’s how you can reach patients who need care.

There is a backlog of patients who need “nonessential” care. They need to know you’re reopening. As American healthcare reopens, patients who were unable to get “nonessential” treatment need to be notified that they now have the option to do so.

Let these patients know that it’s safe to come to your practice or facility. Your practice has met safety guidelines for re-opening. Communicate the specific steps you’ve taken clearly and efficiently, so your existing patients and new patients have peace of mind.

Get your message out now. Consumer viewing of streaming video, broadcast TV, and Connected TV is surging. Make your message stand out, whether your patients are older and consume traditional media, or younger and consume new media.

Communicate new offerings, like Telemedicine. There are new options for patient care that go outside traditional face-to-face meetings. Educate prospective and existing patients on services like Telemedicine, which is having a “watershed moment.”

Reach the right people. Reach existing patients who need to know it’s safe to return or prospective patients who are in-market for care. Our people-based platform knows how to do both, using first-party data to reach existing patients or new patients who live near your practice. We can also utilize demographic targeting (like targeting people with children if you’re a pediatric practice, or over age 60 if you’re looking to target seniors).

America’s healthcare system is safely reopening, and patients need care. Let us help you reopen your practice now.

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