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Why Marketers Need a Reliable Partner in the Era of Connected TV/OTT.

Streaming has taken the lead as the preferred medium among Americans for accessing television content. This shift in media consumption has reflected a significant change in the industry and marketers now face a critical challenge – finding a reliable marketing partner. 

Businesses are finding themselves increasingly misinformed about their target audience and the channels used to display their messages, resulting in wasted ad spend and wasted opportunities to connect with their audience. 

There are many dishonest players out there who deceive businesses with claims of running high-quality video ads on their behalf. In truth, they’re merely taking low-quality, pre-roll creative and pushing it out into the CTV/OTT landscape. This is bad news for businesses as it creates an unfavorable impression on prospective buyers and results in wasted time and budget.

What are Connected TV and OTT?

First, let’s touch on what CTV and OTT are, and how they differ. Connected TV (CTV) refers to the televisions that stream video content over the internet, such as smart TVs and devices connected to TVs (Roku stick, Apple TV, etc.). CTV ads appear alongside apps and channels that display users’ favorite content. 

Whereas over-the-top media (OTT) is the content streamed to any internet-enabled device. Examples include Hulu, Amazon, and videos from online publishers. OTT ads are video advertisements shown between OTT content, just like traditional TV commercials, except they can be specific to the device’s owner. 

CTV and OTT audiences are 80% more likely to pay attention to brands that thoughtfully target them with messaging that’s in line with their interests, values, and lifestyle, and are twice as likely to make a purchase after seeing an ad compared to regular TV viewers)

Below, we’ve outlined the key requirements for a successful CTV/OTT ad campaign and how BRIDGE can help you through every step of the process. 

The Need for a Reliable Partner 

In this new era of media consumption, marketers require a trustworthy partner who understands their needs and has their best interests in mind. This is where BRIDGE comes into the picture. 

We attack ad fraud head-on. As your people-based partner, we prioritize finding your next customer and ensure that your ads will be delivered through the channels where your target audience is most likely to engage. 

Prioritizing Audience Engagement

Unlike other marketing partners, we refuse to compromise quality by relying solely on cost-saving pre-roll ads. We firmly believe in delivering the best possible results for your business, and that means going beyond the traditional methods. 

We understand that engagement is key to driving conversions, and we work diligently to identify the most engaging channels and formats for your specific audience. 

Data-Driven Approach

At BRIDGE, we harness the power of our data to gain deep insights into your target audience’s behavior and preferences. Through advanced analytics and robust audience segmentation, we identify the platforms and streaming services that best align with your customers’ viewing habits. 

This data-driven approach allows us to maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns and ensure that your messages reach the right people at the right time. 

Tailored Solutions for Optimal Results

We understand that every business is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach to advertising does not yield optimal results. That’s why we tailor our solutions to suit your specific marketing goals. 

Whether it’s creating personalized ad experiences or utilizing interactive and immersive formats, we employ innovative strategies to make your brand stand out in the crowded streaming landscape. 

Building Trust and Transparency

Transparency is crucial in any successful partnership. BRIDGE believes in fostering trust by providing our clients with complete visibility into their ad performance and campaign metrics. We offer real-time analytics and detailed reporting, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of how your advertising dollars are being utilized and the impact they are generating. 

The rise of streaming as the dominant content consumption platform presents a number of opportunities and challenges. In order to navigate this evolving landscape successfully, marketers need a trusted partner who understands the intricacies of CTV/OTT advertising. 

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BRIDGE offers a unique people-based approach by prioritizing audience engagement and delivering tailored solutions for maximum results. With a commitment to transparency and a data-driven methodology, BRIDGE is ready to be your trusted partner. 

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