Meet BRIDGE CONNECT℠ | Consumer Audience Database That is Accurate, Timely, & Complete

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Our Consumer Audience Database That is Accurate, Timely, & Complete

The digital advertising industry has a major problem. Only one-quarter of all digital ad spend ever reaches actual people. 

At BRIDGE, we have the solution. Meet BRIDGE CONNECT℠, our consumer audience database that is accurate, timely, and complete.

We’ve always been known for the power of our data. Our mission is simple: we connect businesses with REAL people.

Gone are the days of marketers and advertisers wondering if their ads hit real people or bots. Gone are the days of wasted ad spend and neverending frustration.

Are you ready to discover the power of BRIDGE CONNECT℠? Let’s dive in…

The Importance of Identity

As we previously mentioned, there’s a major problem happening for marketers. The solution? BRIDGE CONNECT℠ Identity Resolution. 

 On average, marketers need to implement four different identity resolution solutions. With BRIDGE, you only need one.

Our identity resolution solution allows you to unlock new, actionable insights about your customers while maintaining full control of your own data. 

Our consumer audience database offers you a simple, yet powerful way to reach actual verified humans. This enables you to get a single version of the truth. Let’s break it down.

  1. Achieve accuracy and scale. Our database has over 250M profiles of real people that have been verified by an independent firm that measures consumer data quality.
  2. Become stable & cookie-proof. Our data is immune to industry and life-stage changes, think the decimation of cookies and the Apple IDFA announcement.
  3. Strengthen connections with your customers and prospects. We have over 500 lifestyle & audience segments that are ready to be targeted by your business available at your fingertips.

Now that you see the importance of identity and the benefits of utilizing BRIDGE CONNECT℠, let’s go over how it works.

1: Build Powerful Target Audiences

We are the preeminent email provider that has cross-mapped our emails to real human beings- not just codes or identifiers. Our company is built from email at the human level and we have strong expertise in email marketing, performance, and delivery. This enables us to create the most accurate, timely, and complete profiles of real people.

We connect online and offline attributes to build a complete picture of your customers, allowing you to learn more about your customers and identify trends to inform your decision-making.

Unlike other providers, we build each profile starting with an individual’s email address. But, we don’t stop there. Then, we connect it to attributes such as first and last name, postal address, and mobile behavior, allowing us to pinpoint each person’s identity with confidence and precision. Because of our proprietary data quality enhancement capabilities, we are able to deduplicate and identify the true human entity that is represented by all of the data we manage and collect.

Discover how our custom-built audience of blue-collar workers helped connect a national parcel service with over 1 million real people.

2: Activate Media Campaigns Across Every Channel

BRIDGE CONNECT℠ is customizable and flexible – we can deliver media to your audience on your behalf, or give you back your data so you can run the media on your own.

We make sure your message hits the right humans, whether they’re scrolling through Facebook on their smartphone, watching Netflix on a Connected TV, or Googling sports scores at work.

You will know that you are reaching REAL people on every channel.

3: Better Data Means Better Results

Our data is the most accurate and the most complete. We have always been strong proponents of transparency, meaning we are going to show very clearly how you did and how we did. 

We’ll show how many people came to your website, how many people came to your store, and we’ll work with you to track retail sales against the people we targeted via POS matchback. You’ll know you’re making the most of every ad dollar spent.

BRIDGE CONNECT℠ has proven success across all verticals including auto, healthcare, retail, and more. Need proof? Check out our free premium case studies below to learn more.

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