How to hire the next generation of government workers (22)

In its attempts to recruit younger workers, the government is facing some challenges.

Since the 1980s, the median age of the federal workforce has climbed from 30 to 42. Around 7% of the federal workforce is under the age of 30. According to LinkedIn, “government” is one of the industries losing the most millennial job switchers.

According to the 2018 Federal Workforce Priorities Report, agencies faced a host of problems in recruiting and hiring new personnel. Factors that contributed: “competition with the private sector which could provide more competitive compensation and shorter hiring timelines, current hiring policies, nepotism and favoritism violations, and classification accuracy issues.”

But where there are big recruitment challenges, there are big recruitment opportunities.

In our latest white paper, we take a look at the dearth of young talent in government agencies and offer some solutions.

Those solutions:

  • Market like the private sector
  • Use data-driven strategies
  • Incorporate new channels for marketing and branding
  • Create positive branding around working for the government
  • Use advanced reporting to make smarter decisions

Each strategy is explained in further detail in the whitepaper, which you can download here.

BRIDGE is happy to offer bespoke solutions tailored to specific government agencies. Here’s an overview of our offerings. You can always also reach out to us directly to set up a capability briefing around your recruitment strategy.

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