Diving deep on the coming wave of people-driven digital marketing

Diving deep on the coming wave of people-driven digital marketing

Our latest whitepaper answers the question “Why PII?”

What does it mean to take control of your digital destiny?

We’ve spent most of the year on this blog attempting to answer that question. This has meant exposing gaping cracks in the crumbling cookie economy. Sizing up Big Tech’s true intentions as data becomes more guarded and walled gardens scale ever taller. Shining a harsh light on ecosystem players that aren’t bringing value to the equation.

Most importantly, we’ve emphasized why prioritizing connections to real people will result in better digital advertising outcomes. This is the focus of our new “Why PII” whitepaper, now available for download

Change is ripping through our industry, transforming consumer behavior, weakening legacy approaches, and crowning new market leaders. Digital-native upstarts are setting the pace, but traditional publishers and brands still hold considerable power.

Now, they have to use it.

“Why PII” dives into the most impactful changes facing our industry and proposes a privacy-based path forward to real identity resolution for a post-cookie world.

We define and explore the concept of human identity graphs and the advancements they represent over previous approaches that tended to be amorphous with persistent broken links.

Human identity graphs are important for next-gen marketing playbooks as they view an actual person as a single entity. In other words, one accurate version of the truth about your customer. Once you know who your customer is, thoughtful strategies can be developed to get their attention, target messaging, and develop compelling offers.

Our whitepaper breaks down exactly what this looks like in practice and what it means to achieve full data linkage for ultimate accuracy. We give real-world examples of how human identity graphs can be incorporated into marketing campaigns, a case study demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach, and the next steps to take to capitalize on transformational opportunities being presented to marketers today.

If you are eager to improve marketing performance, grow your business, meaningfully measure your marketing, develop new revenue streams and expand your customer base, download “Why PII” today for a primer on how to get started.

Then give us a call so we can continue the conversation. Happy reading!

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