Identity and Data Accuracy in a Post-Cookie World | Key Takeaways from our Webinar

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21 cents of every media dollar spent by marketers last year was wasted due to poor data quality¹.

Most businesses utilize cookies to track and collect data on their customers, but cookies are on the way out.

As third-party cookies wane in influence, accurate consumer data updated in real-time is now more important than ever for businesses to paint a fuller picture of their prospective customers. These could include publicly available demographic data, information about car loans, Connected TV data, mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs for short), location-based data, and email data.

With billions of data points out there, how do you separate the good data from the bad? What qualifies data “accurate”?

That’s where BRIDGE & Truth{set} come in.

Our consumer audience data was top-ranked among all data providers by Truth{set}. But why does that matter?

We hosted a webinar to dive into the hot topic that is identity resolution and found three key benefits of high-quality data.

1. Better Performance

Accurate consumer data allows you to run better campaigns that reach verified people and see real results.

2. Higher Attribution

Campaigns are continuously optimizing which means you’re making the most of every dollar spent.

3. Less Fraud

Audience insights must be comprehensive so marketers can discern who each individual is, down to their name, address, and even the cross-device journey that led to a purchase, all in a privacy-compliant way. You know that you will be reaching a real, verified person behind a screen, not a bot.

See how accurate data helped this luxury auto dealership.

¹ Businesswire A Berkshire Hathaway Company

Data-driven campaigns can be confusing, but our consultants are always here to help. Watch our full webinar here and get started on your next campaign with BRIDGE.

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