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TikTok Advertising is here! One of today’s hottest social media channels recently announced a new capability for businesses to increase ROI through in-app advertising. There are currently 150 million active US users on TikTok waiting to hear from your business.  With our #1 ranked data and full-service media delivery, we will deliver new customers to your door or online site.

Here are the five reasons you should advertise on TikTok with BRIDGE.

1. Reach REAL People

Only Bridge delivers a simple-yet-powerful way to reach actual, verified humans.

These are not generic TikTok audiences. These are REAL people. Build a custom audience with our number one ranked data based on your campaign goals. We will tell you who your ads are reaching. You’ll see what’s working, and you’ll get miles more from your ad spend.

2. Affordably Reach Millions of Users

Based on your campaign goals, we will put together a customized package for you. Campaigns can start as low as $50.

Tell us your goals and budget, and we’ll handle the rest.

3. Easy Campaign Launch

Our Bridge TikTok experts can handle the ad campaign end-to-end, or we can upload custom audiences of REAL people into your TikTok account so you can manage your own campaign.

4. People-Based Marketing Metrics

We target our ads at the individual level. There are no smoke screens with our reporting.

We will tell you who’s actually buying your product and engaging with your message and who is VISITING your store. These are the KPIs that matter.

5. Learn With Us

We are always learning and making your campaign better, meaning your campaigns will OPTIMIZE and continue to improve.

All of our insights come from under one roof, meaning you’ll seamlessly identify NEW REAL people, (folks not targeted initially) who are interested in buying your product or hearing your message from our listening and learning— another advantage of targeting real people and not bots or cookies. Your campaigns will live, breathe, and improve.

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