What auto dealers need to do right now


The world has changed, and the auto industry is changing with it.

Dealerships are faced with a variety of challenges. Some have a glut of inventory and need to move metal. Others have no inventory and need to push services to drive revenue.

That’s where BRIDGE comes in.

We connect you to REAL people who are in-market NOW! Let us help you talk to these people today.

We know which make and model people are shopping for so we will work with you to create a target audience of potential customers. REAL PEOPLE who specifically match your current sales needs.

The auto industry is adapting rapidly and on the rise. Here’s how auto dealers can optimize their marketing strategies for success.

It’s the best time in recent history for car dealers to advertise.

Consumers are being inundated with headlines that proclaim now is the best time to buy a car or get auto services. Meanwhile, the cost of advertising for car dealers has plummeted and ad demand has gone down. There is a greater share of voice available for dealers to stand out.

Consumer screen usage is reaching unheard-of benchmarks.

Nielsen predicts an increase of 60% of all media consumption, and Connected TV is a prime benefactor. Connected TV and OTT has increased dramatically as people stream from home. Car dealers need to prioritize CTV right now and do so with a true partner that connects them to real people, is transparent and flexible, and is willing to work with them hand-in-hand.

Flexible programs are needed for uncertain times.

Different dealers have different needs. Whether they are inventory and supply chain-based, staffing related, or service-focused, you will need accurate and efficient plans that make sure your dollars don’t go to waste — and you need experts who can adjust your campaigns on the fly.

Reach the right people.

You need to target in-market consumers. You also need to know where they are in their journey: whether or not they’re actively looking for a new car like the ones you have, or if they’re in the market for services you can provide.

That’s where BRIDGE comes in. BRIDGE performed the best in the accuracy of several widely used consumer attributes including #1 for Spanish speakers, #1 for household income, #1 for linkage, #1 for the presence of children, top 3 in age and top 3 in gender.

Truth{set} also found that of the 250M people in our database, 70M are unique to BRIDGE meaning you can only reach these people by working with us.

As your business shifts, so do we.

The world has changed. Contactless pickups and appointments set online may become the norm. If your business shifts, you need to let people know right now. The right partner can help you shift in other ways, driving consumers to appointment websites, eCommerce portals, and other destinations most likely to drive revenue for your dealership.

Power your next campaign with #1 ranked consumer audience data. Reach consumers who are ready to buy today.

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