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Why Your Company Should Be Repurposing Content

Why Content Marketing? In an increasingly digital world, it’s essential for businesses to form genuine connections with their potential customers. This is done by generating high-quality, unique content. Whether it’s through a blog post, an e-book or a video, content marketing raises awareness about both a particular subject matter and your company. By educating consumers, […]

Marketing People-Based Marketing Personalization

Importance of Customer Delight

What is Customer Delight? HubSpot defines customer delight is as “exceeding customer’s expectations to create a positive customer experience with a product or brand.” It’s about ensuring that the consumer is happy and stays happy after already purchasing your product or service. In order to succeed, you must build a relationship with your customer that will […]

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targeted advertising

Optimizing Ad Campaigns Via Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising When looking to promote your company’s products or services, you must first consider your target audience to identify who is most likely to purchase something from your business. Once this is established, you can direct your focus to optimizing your delivery via targeted advertising—the process by which ads are intentionally served to specific […]

Email Marketing

Three-Step Email Strategy for CPG Marketing

Traditional consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies may be thought of irrelevant in this age of online shopping for products and services. Many CPGs are continuously using TV commercials or in-store advertising as a way to market their product but those methods are rapidly decreasing in results. However, their products are still relevant, which is why CPG marketers need to adjust to the digital world. There is a way to better target consumers through data and digital channels that leads to direct relationships with the people who actually buy and use these products. The best strategy for CPG marketers to do so is by utilizing email marketing.

Audience Insights Marketing Multi-Channel Social Media

The Opportunities of Omnichannel Marketing in 2018

Understanding Omnichannel Marketing Omni in Latin means “all.” In omnichannel marketing, the prefix represents the all-encompassing integrating shopping experience consumers encounter today. As technology usage rapidly increases, customers are approached with the “universal” shopping experience in their day-to-day lives. Omnichannel refers to the sales approach that contributes to the customers’ integrated shopping experience. It’s the […]

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